Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rumors and Notes

- The Cubs called up Matt "Thunder" Murton today and sent down Eric Patterson to Iowa. Murton provides a right handed bat against the tough lefties on the Rays. Lets keep in mind that he is only batting .298 in AAA with one homer. Should have called up Dubois or Torres instead, they have earned it more.

- The Cubs have 6 pitchers they are looking at via trade before the deadline ends next month. They are C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Rich Harden, Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux, and Erik Bedard. I have a good feeling about Sabathia, Harden, or Burnett on this one!

- Soriano is hopeful to return by the all star game. In fact he is hoping to play in the all star game. Good news for the Cubs!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

I agree with Joe's last 2 statements, no thanks to Beltran and Hill can go for a C.C. type pitcher. I do like Bedard better though. I also agree with cubsfan82 about Torres and Dubois. We would have to add them to the 40 man roster. Maybe cut Fox or Fuld. And trading the farm doesn't sound so bad when you concider most the players are signed through 2009. Ward will be gone and replaced by Hoffpauir. Howry will be gone and replaced by Ascanio or Ceda. Eyre will be gone and replaced by Marshall or Pignatiello. And i think Dempster is a free agent after this year too. Hope we can keep him.

Kamel said...

Sori wanting/trying to come back by the All Star break is NOT good news. He should make sure his hand is healed and strong and even then he should take a rehab stint, to get his swing back and to avoid misplaying pop flies.

How about one more name in the mix? Roy Oswalt. He started out slow like CC... but he is pitching better now and the Stros probably dont have enough as a team to keep up with the Cubs, Cards, and Brew down the stretch.

But then again... Cards shouldnt have been keepin up from the start... so who knows.

A name I would be interested in none the less.

Kamel said...

I heard on ESPN Radio today, in news related to the firing of the M's manager, that there are alot of bad apples in the clubhouse (or at least it has gotten out of control) and that Bedard has put HIMSELF on a 100 pitch limit each outing... as opposed to the coaching staff or front office decreeing a pitch count limit.

If true... Bedard doesnt sound like a winner to me. I was one of the people who were accepting of a trade for him... but not if this is true.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Kamel once Bedard signed that contract he can't tell the manager how long he's going to pitch. Last year Bedard had 182 inn. 141 hits, 57 BB, 221 SO 3.16 ERA 13 wins 5 losses. In my opinion he's the best pitcher available, even if he doesn't talk to the media. I do like your Oswalt idea, would houston trade in their own division?