Monday, November 20, 2006

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The beauty of getting this early commitment from Soriano, a deal you could get this quickly only by blowing him away with an offer such as eight years for $136 million, is that it strengthens your hand with every other free agent you are pursuing. This includes pitchers Ted Lilly, Gil Meche and Jason Marquis, perhaps center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. and shortstop Julio Lugo.

According to Piniella, the Cubs would still like to add one more hitter and as many as three starters. Ideally the hitter should be either left-handed or a switch-hitter, which favors Matthews Jr., J.D. Drew (supposedly on his way to Boston) or even bringing back Juan Pierre

It is so amazing to me as a cub fan that we are actually spending the money to get the players we need.. I think lou has alot to do with it, and you gotta love the aggressivness they have shown!!!


Expect Hendry now to turn his attention to the starting rotation. He’ll try to obtain at least two veteran pitchers either through trades or free agency. The Cubs like Cleveland’s Jake Westbrook along with free agents Gil Meche (Seattle), Ted Lilly (Blue Jays), Jason Marquis (Cardinals) and Vicente Padilla (Rangers).

If Jim gets at least 2 sp, i give him an A++++... especially if there off this list! can you imagine Westbrook and Padilla in the rotation! wow!


Also in the sun times it says this-

"Free-agent right-hander Gil Meche, 28, tops Hendry's pitching wish list. Meche -- who earned $3.7 million while going 11-8 with a 4.48 ERA for the Seattle Mariners last season -- is said to be seeking at least $8 million annually."

I have always liked him and he would be an ideal#3 or 4 starter!!!

Go cubs! Hendry is not done yet!


THE Tank said...

Paddilla is so much better than meche and only 1 year younger

cubsfan82 said...

I agree with your post 100%!!! Can you imagine if Paddilla and Z pitched on back to back days in the same series?!? not only is that alot of fire power, if there was any incident you gotta believe the other team would get beaned from both!!!

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