Tuesday, November 21, 2006

3 or 4 more players??? and other aricles of note..


Hendry still hopes to sign or trade for three veteran players—two starting pitchers and a left-handed or switch-hitting outfielder. If he signs three of the top guys on his radar (center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. and starters Ted Lilly and Gil Meche), he could wind up with a payroll of about $125 million.

You keep hearing these names and i have to say if he can get two to three starters and another left handed outfielder payroll will be up along with the hype!!!



On the other hand, with Soriano in right, the Cubs would rather trade Jones than play him in center and find a left-handed bat elsewhere to play center, while keeping Murton in left

This is a great idea... i think if you get floyd or matthews.. you trade jones for pitching. I dont see use trading murton.. he is young, doesnt take up payroll, and mark my words he will hit .300 and 20 hr 90 rbi in the coming years... Barry is saying what i was thinking.

More intresting quotes from the daily herald

st arting pitching will be next on Hendry’s docket. It’s still more likely the Cubs will look at a group that includes Cleveland’s Jake Westbrook (a trade candidate) and free agents Gil Meche, Ted Lilly and Vicente Padilla.
There’s virtually no chance Oakland free-agent lefty Barry Zito will land with the Cubs.
It’s a slow-moving market for pitchers, and the Cubs don’t know how much Giants free agent Jason Schmidt will command. Cubs insiders say he’s no higher or lower on the priority list than the aforementioned pitchers.
All right: Save for outfielder Jacque Jones and switch-hitting shortstop Cesar Izturis, the Cubs are a right-handed hitting team. The Cubs would like to add some left-handed hitting.
Mets free agent Cliff Floyd is an option to play part time, but the Cubs probably won’t look at him until later this off-season.
“We’ll be looking at different options and role players and maybe get a little stronger from the left side hitting wise,” Jim Hendry said. “Things can change from what you have today to what you line up with in April.”

Jim is headed in the right direction i think!!!!!

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