Saturday, November 18, 2006

Manny rumors heating up!!!

Ken Rosenthal of say theres 8 teams including the cubs that would be intrested in aquiring the power hitting righty. Its intresting the moves the cubs have made recently and how it lines up with articles and what Ken wrote. Lets review. The cubs have be linked to signing Lugo, but already signed Derosa which gave them a surplus of middle infielders.. making one expendable.Then trading for a RP that puts an overstock in our pen. As Ken writes he feels the cubs would take on Manrams pay and give up Izzy and a relief arm.. Is this all coincedence? or is Jim making sure he has a backup plan in case Sori doesnt want to play here? or all along has he been preparing to get Manram for Ceasar and a relief pitcher? we will have to see... Lets just say if Jimbo pulls this one off it would be huge! getting a 290 40 110 rbi player to put in with Lee and Aram would scare the hell out of the pitching in the central!

lugo ss or matthews jr cf
cf or ss

Cubs: Ramirez would be a perfect fit if the Cubs struck out on Soriano; general manager Jim Spendry — er, Hendry — could sign Julio Lugo or Gary Matthews Jr. to hit leadoff, and a lineup that featured Derrek Lee and both Manny and Aramis Ramirez would be obscene. The Cubs could part with shortstop Cesar Izturis and bullpen arms; and the Sox could reinvest their savings; the Cubs still would need starting pitching.

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