Saturday, November 18, 2006

Normal chats with Soriano, cubs looking at lugo, Hendry workin OT

Daily Herald

Cubs sources say Hendry has had “normal chats” with the representatives for free-agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano, who may command upward of $100 million over seven years.
J.D. Drew, the free-agent outfielder late of the Los Angeles Dodgers, isn’t on the Cubs’ front burner yet, but that could change as the market continues to take shape.

Good news that he has at least had a normal conversation twice this week with Soriano, it looks like Jim was also working overtime to maybe set up deals to get finished by saturday.. i was suprised no deal was made yesterday or a free agent signing but maybe today will be a big day!

Lou Piniella is a backer of Julio Lugo, who played shortstop for him in Tampa Bay. The presence of 2005 Gold Glover Cesar Izturis would argue that Lugo would be redundant on the Cubs, but sources indicate they are pursuing him, as is Boston.

Im with Izzy, why would we need another middle infielder? unless we plan to shop Izzy, cedeno, or Theriot. It scares me that were considering him in cf, if were considering that we better be getting Manny, Tejeda, Soriano, or any other big name to help us out with our bats!!!