Friday, November 17, 2006

Rumors... Rumors... and more Rumors...

I have recieved many emails stating the same thing from different people(or so i assume) .Here's the unfound rumors i have been hearing.

-The cubs are set to complete the Westbrook trade with cleveland. It is said that the deal will involve bynum, marshall, and Ohman for Westbrook. (4 different emailers)

This would be huge for the Jim Win Now Campaign.. He has fithy stuff and will create alot of ground balls at Wrigley

- The cubs have made offers to Gil Meche and Jason Marquis. The numbers werent mentioned in the email i recieved but if this is true you gotta think prior wont be ready by spring time or a trade will come shortly after the signing.

- The cubs have met with Soraino's agent already this week and will meet with Soriano and his agent today to exchange numbers. The emailer also stated that the cubs will make an offer to the impact player.

Wow how big would this be if the cubs all did this before the weekend! we will have to see how things unfold in the coming hours and days!!