Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lugo, Marquis, and Cliff Floyd

They're going to be big players in the Alfonso Soriano sweepstakes, and Piniella has his eye on his old Tampa Bay shortstop, Julio Lugo, who is also being pursued by the Red Sox and Blue Jays. Piniella actually views Lugo as a potential center field/leadoff hitter as an alternative if the Cubs are unable to sign Gary Matthews Jr. And very quietly the Cubs have been exploring DeRosa's best friend, Jason Marquis, as a potential bargain reclamation project. Marquis had a horrible season with the Cardinals this year, falling out of favor with Tony ..La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan, after winning 28 games the previous two seasons in St. Louis. But, on his own, he recently worked under the tutelage of a major league pitching coach in Florida and is said to have straightened out two mechanical flaws Duncan couldn't find. Hendry got good reports on Marquis and is strongly considering him for one of the two rotation vacancies. And if the Soriano bidding gets too rich, the Cubs are looking at Cliff Floyd, who, upon recovering from his Achilles surgery, would love to go home to Chicago.

Article by New York Daily News

I wouldnt mind Jason Marquis, he did have an off year and he is almost a lock to get you double digit wins. The downfall, he also can get you as many loses.

I have always been a Cliff Floyd fan, he is a Chicago native, has a great arm, decent bat and once again i feel we need a left handed bat.. not the bad back up plan to Sori

Lugo is a good player, now in cf i have no idea.. i dont see him fitting the cubs mold for some reason.. if we are going that route, mite as well resign pierre.