Sunday, November 12, 2006


According to

A Cubs source of mine tells me that Hendry offered the original six year, $90MM contract that agent Paul Kinzer wanted. Kinzer of course rejected it, as he feels his client is worth Beltran money now.

wow if this is true u cant blame hendry for trying.. thats exactly what he said he wanted and he rejected it. obviously this Paul Kinzer thinks he is scott boras!! obviously aram never wanted to stay in chicago cuz if he did then him and his agent would be signing on that contract now... I am now bitter toward this whole situation, first of all them leading the cubs, hendry, and the fans on with this media game of cat and mouse through the papers was ridiculous. aramis saying he wants to stay in chicago and will give them a "hometown" discount is total BS..if thats the case he should be here for 6 years 90 million... Good bye ARAM.. we will miss your hr and rbi but not the person you have become.. a greedy, self-centered player.. karma comes back remeber!!!!!