Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Indians and Cubs trading partners??? Ray Durham?

Cubs Info From Bruce Levine
Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000 has some new Cubs info for us. He reports that the Cubs have asked the Indians about a possible deal involving Cliff Lee or Jake Westbrook in exchange for relief pitching.
In addition, the Cubs may consider Ray Durham as a source of power for second base.

My stance-

First off Levine is hit and miss on alot of his stuff but im hoping he is right about Lee or Westbrook. Lee posted 14-11 in 33 games, low base on balls 58 and ok era 4.40. im ok with trading for him if it doesnt involve relief pitchers named Howry or Eyre. The same with Jake, he's not worth Scott or Bobby. While Westbrook posted a 4.17 era winning 15 and losing 10. He is basically a right handed Lee only a year older.

Now Ray Durham, he does have power but my main concerns is his health. He has knee problems and is getting older.. I dont think he is an answer at 2nd base, i believe you keep Theriot there and use your money else where. Thats my own opinion.