Sunday, November 12, 2006


I have been checking my email today and i have several "unknown" people that identify themselves as "sources." i have been burned by this before so to cover my a## i will say these are rumors and have to link or any source of concrete news.. having said that here is what i have----

- During managers meeting coming up 13-17 jim hendry is expect to begin disscussions with J.P. Ricciardi for vernon wells. the deal isnt going to be cheap but also J.P. has a problem on there hands with wells wanting beltran money. my emailer says the deal will defintly include Pie and young starter not named hill(probly marshall, marmol, or mateo)

my notes- this would be a steal.. check my previous article on wells and you will see why

- Also stated that during the managers meetings next week jim is expected to revisit prior for tejeada action that started last year.. by doing this i think the payroll will go out the window.. it will be intresting if it gets as much exposer as it did last year

- what i also had emailed to me is some free agents that i havent heard before, for one trot nixson.. another injury pron guy who i dont understand why we would need. considering we have jones, murton, bynum, and pagan.. unless we plan to shop one of the previous. the only other target he/she stated that was a suprise was Ronnie Belliard.. i would actually prefer we let theriot play 2nd base and save the money

it will be fun to see who heard right and who heard wrong and who is a prophet.. i will try to update this under rumors.. rumors.. and more rumors..

by the way if you hear anything dont hesitate to post something to me!