Sunday, November 01, 2009

This and That....

- There has been a lot of media outlets that have said that the Cubs are interested in trading Milton Bradley for Gary Matthews Jr. Although Matthews numbers have decreased since going to the Angels, he still plays really good defense, is a switch hitter, and is owed 23 million over the next two years which is very similar to Bradley. One good thing for the Cubs is that Matthews would be reunited with hitting coach Jaramillo, someone who made him an impact bat in Texas. The question is will the Angels want to add a bad news player like Bradley. I know personally I would do the deal.

- Buster Onley rattled off some places that Bradley could be going and for the player the Cubs would get.

Carlos Silva and the M's- No Way!
Derek Lowe and the Braves- Yes Please!
Gary Matthews Jr. and the Angels- Sure!
Carlos Lee and the Astros- OMG YES!
Zito or Rowand and the Giants- Rowand Yes, Zito NO WAY!
Oliver Perez and the Mets- Nope.
Dontrelle Willis and the Tigers- Sure.
Scott Linebrink and the White Sox- Sure.
Pat Burrell and the Rays- Yep

- Another name being thrown out there is Bradley for Kerry Wood. I would love to welcome Woody back. There is also talk around Eric Byrnes and the Yankees Nick Swisher. I would not mind seeing any of those either.

- The Cubs have some interest in new free agent Noah Lowry according to league sources. He was recently removed from the 40 man roster so he has became an unrestricted free agent. His agent said Noah is completely healthy and throwing three days a week on his normal off season program without any restrictions. The Cubs have talked to the Giants in the past about deals involving Noah so there is know interest there. He should be an inexpensive pick up for the Cubs since he has not appeared in a game since August of 2007 due to arm injuries. Lowry's people believe the Giants misdiagnosed and mistreated his injury but is fine now. If the Cubs did sign Noah he would compete for the 5th spot in the rotation against Shark, Marshall, and Gorzalanny.

That is it for now Cub Fans!


Joe said...

Bradley for...

Sarge Jr? Ok.

Carlos Silva? Yes. He should be no worse than Marquis was for us as a 5th starter by moving from AL to NL and I'll take that.

D Lowe? Dont know why Braves would trade him, but sure.

Carlos Lee? No. Yeah he hits well in Wrigley, but we already have one defensively challenged OF spot with Soriano.

Rowand or Zito? Yes to both. Zito as a 5th starter? I'll take it.

Oliver Perez? Dont know.

D Willis? No thanks.

Linebrink? Dont know.

Burrell? No thanks.

Woody? Yes.

Brynes? Yes.

Swisher? Dont know.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Carlos Lee is the only one in that group that i would take, and he will never be traded to the Cubs. Cause they are in the same division. Castro cubs SS 2010 ? Snyder cubs CF 2010 ? All cub minor league hitters are doing great in winter ball. And Samardzija has been pitching like he's ready.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

MLBTR has Teahen as a non-tender candidate.

TBDS said...

Over the last three years:

Player A has posted a .248/.326/.379/.705 slash line

Player B has posted a .294/.405/.501/.906 slash line.

Player A is Gary Matthews Jr.
Player B is Crazy Uncle Milton.

And that's why you're nuts if you would accept GMJR for MB21.

The Cubs OF accounted for 43 HRs, 149 RBIs and a .252/.352/.413/.756 slash line. That would only get worse with the addition of Gary Matthews Jr.