Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bradley Update and More....

- We have heard that Vernon Wells for Milton Bradley was gaining steam but then Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune squashed that rumor by saying it has "no legs at all" and added the Cubs have not even talked about Wells.

It was hard to imagine a Wells for Bradley trade would have worked with all the money involved. I would still like to see them try to match up and maybe add more players to the deal to offset the money. How about Wells for Fukudome, Mile, and Bradley? It would only be a 46 million dollar difference then. The Jays then could throw in 20 million to get the deal done. So basically the Cubs would add 26 million over the next 5 seasons for Wells which would be a steal.

- Bruce Levine said "Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell has been on the table for three weeks." Burrell makes 9 million next season and Bradley makes 23 over the next two seasons. The only way I do this trade is if the Cubs pay only Burrell's salary and 7 million or less for Bradley's salary or they include Iwamura in the deal with no money exchanged.

- Ryan Dempster told the Chicago Tribune that the players would give Bradley another chance. Honestly if they did that is fine but I think this is just posturing to make him more valuable as trade bait. I just see no way he is in Cubbie blue next season.

- Here are some other trades to consider: Bradley for Juan Pierre, Bradley for Carlos Guillen, Bradley for Francisco Cordero or Aaron Harang or Bronson Arroyo. I still like Luis Castillo for Milton Bradley!

- Here is a great Q and A with new Owner Tom Ricketts.

That is it for now Cub Fans!


Joe said...

Sullivan also mentioned in addition to the money that adding Wells in an OF which already has a liability defensively with Soriano is not attractive as well.

Ditto the Pierre deal.

I'm sure we'll see more bad contracts being made available as the offseason progresses.

Anonymous said...

bradley stays...yep, its still watch