Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Levine Drops A Bomb!

WOW Bruce, it is only October and you drop this bomb!

- Bruce Levine said in his chat that that Cubs will not have the payroll to add big salaried players so Jim may have to go the trade route to improve the team and shed salary.

- He likes O-dawg in a one year deal if they cannot get Figgins.

- He said there is no way Bradley stays here but does not see the Cubs just giving him away but may swap bad contracts.

- Tom Ricketts has taken over the Cubs and the welcome home party for him will be in the form of a press conference at Wrigley on Friday.

- He does not see Lackey, Chapman, or any other big named pitcher to be signed for next season. They will only have the payroll right around 140 million next season, very similar to last season.

- Here come the Bomb! Levine first says in response to if Milton Bradley returns " Jim Hendry has been working on playing Bradley since the last quarter of the season. Tampa is still a very viable team, but keep your eye on Toronto, which has money problems and is dying to move outfielder Vernon Wells."

Then he says " The Cubs have talked to Toronto about different scenarios that may include players like Vernon Wells and Bradley"

Now Wells is due 98.5 million over the next 5 seasons, a lot like Soriano. Bradley is owed 23 million over the next two seasons bring the difference to 75 million. The Jays would have to pay at least half the amount to get a deal done. The Cubs just cannot afford to take on that much money so they would have to eat some or take on a player like Soriano (90 million left), Zambrano (74 million left), or Fukudome and Miles together (combined 28 million). The gold ideal situation for both teams would have the Cubs get Wells for Bradley with the Jays paying 50 million of Wells' contract and all of Bradley's. That would have the Jays saving 25 million total and the Cubs only spending the amount on a really good guy for CF.

Another great move would have the Cubs trading Zambrano and Bradley for Wells and Halladay straight up. The Cubs will be taking on only 15.75 million in contract money for a true Ace and really good defensive outfielder. I would love that deal but it would not happen because the Jays would want more talent and Z has a no trade clause that he may not waive to go to Toronto.

I like Bradley for Wells but only if the Jays pay a large portion of Vernon's contract.

I will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Eric Bedard, Pudge, Tejada for Prior, Abreu for Prior, Brian Roberts, Carlos Beltran, Jake Peavy....just another Cubs off season to keep the fans that still believe this crap happy. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the Blue Jays pay half or more of Vernon Wells salary. And what makes you think if the Cubs can't add a player via free agency they could take on such a big salary after Bradley departs? That doesn't free up nearly enough money, considering they have a couple free agents of their own.

Also, Bruce Levine rarely reports anything that ever happens.

tim said...

wells and halladay for zambrano and bradley isnt happening.