Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Iwamura to Pirates Then Cubs?

I am hearing that the Cubs still have interest in acquiring recently traded infielder Akinori Iwamura. Iwamura was traded to the Bucs for reliever Jesse Chavez. Iwamura would be one of the Pirates highest paid players at almost 5 million due next season.

The Cubs were to have reported interest in Iwamura recently and even talks about a package deal of Iwamura and Burrell for Bradley was rumored. I am now hearing that Jim Hendry could be in contact with the Pirates about Iwamura and maybe even Ryan Doumit who is another high price player on the Pirates. But what would the Cubs give up? You guessed it, Milton Bradley.

Bradley is owed 23 million over the next two seasons and Doumit and Iwamura are owed 13 million over the next two seasons combined. That is not including the two club options on Ryan's contact. The Cubs of course would have to fork over some cash to get the deal done and maybe include a player like Mike Fontenot or a minor league arm but I can see this as a possibility.

Doumit has primarily been a catcher his career but has logged innings in RF and 1st as well. He is a very good athlete and it would not be any different from running Hoffpauir or Fox in RF. Iwamura would be used either as a expensive utility player or an affordable starting 2nd baseman. Here is Doumit's career stats and Iwamura's career stats.

Pittsburg would be ideal for Milton. It would be a low pressure rebuilding team surrounded by young talent that he could mentor. The Pirates would get a guy that could in fact be the vocal leader of the team and Bradley would have the chance to stick it to the Cubs during the next two seasons.

If anything this rumor is very interesting. Lets see if it has legs!


Anonymous said...

Come on now. Possible trade fine. But lets not go over board here. Bradley mentor young rebuilding team? Clubhouse leader?

In my opinion I dont see the Pirates doing this deal. Maybe they'll make the deal for other Cubs players, but not Bradley. And thats fine, because supposedly there are plenty of other suitors for Bradley and worse case scenario we are still stuck with him in 2010 with a hitting coach that understands him and teammates that supposedly are willing to give him a second chance. The majority of new comers to the Cubs in recent memory have always improved in their soph season with the Cubs. Dont get me wrong... if we can find a way to deal him... good riddance.

Doumit is a good option, but with how much money will really be available being in question, I am satisfied with the current Soto/Hill combo behind the plate. If the Cubs do spend some money on a C addition, it should be to sign Pudge Rod to a cheap less than $1 mil one year deal to mentor Soto and another veteran brain for our pitching staff to pick at.

And someone mentioned in a comment on your last post that Castro would be our starting SS? Lets not get ahead of ourselves now. The kid is still young and has only blown up the AFL. Lets see what other options are out there before throwing this guy into the fire. The current roster has had enough trouble dealing with the pressure to win and it would take a really really really special youngster to be able to stand above that and put up the numbers he has been in the AFL. Not saying he cant reach that potential, but if we dont need to put him on the spot like that just yet, why do it?


Anonymous said...

Look at both of those teams that just played in the World Series. Look at the big time, big stage talent. How many players like that do the Cubs have? Not near enough. We are NOT as close as a lot of people think we are.

MICHAEL said...

"Iwamura To Pirates Then Cubs?"

Let's hope not. I am tired of the Cubs obtaining players that I consider to be retreads. You have now mentioned 3 players (Burrell, Iwamura and Doumit) that you would be interested in wearing Cubbie blue next year. Do you really want the following:

Player Games HR RBI Avg OBP SLG Career Avg
Burrell 122 14 64 .221 .315 .367 .254
Iwamura 69 1 22 .290 .355 .390 .281
Doumit 75 10 38 .250 .299 .414 .273

In comparison:
Fontenot 135 9 43 .236 .301 .377 .266

If Fontenot isn't cutting it (production wise), why would the Cubs (or you for that matter) want players with similar production numbers? In the Hot Stove season, many starry-eyed fans want to get new players for the sake of having new names on the team. Let's be smart about who would or would not be upgrades and hope that the Cubs brass is a little smarter this year compared to last year in who we acquire for the Northsider.

I will credit you for making a great choice (from last year) that the Cubs did not. You wanted Dunn (in the worst way) and the Cubs went with (ughhhh), Bradley. Considering our 2009 offensive woes, all we can do is wonder what if?:

Player Games HR RBI Avg OBP SLG Career Avg
Dunn 159 38 105 .267 .398 .529 .249
Bradley 124 12 40 .257 .378 .397 .277
You had Dunn pegged correctly, not to mention their exact opposite clubhouse presence.

A much wiser choice by Hendy taking your choice (Dunn) "could've" provided a much better outcome regarding a very painful season.

As for Bradley, I agree with you that Pittsburgh would be lower pressure and a way for him to "stick it to the Cubs". However, I doubt even the lowly Pirates would want Bradley becoming a "mentor" for their young talent or a "vocal leader" for their team. As for giving any $$$$ to a team to dump Bradley, I say NO. He has enough suitors (for what reasons I will never understand) so I wouldn't give up a cent to unload him. His production resume favors the Cubs in trying to deal him without giving up any dough. It's his "head-case" personality that leaves us hoping a suitor is actually naive enough to take him off of our hands. Kind of a ridiculous assumptions in my opinion.

Michael in Frisco
"Go Cubs" / "Go Hawks"