Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cubs Lose, Soto out, more talk....

- The Cubs lost yesterday in extra innings but that was not a big blow compared to Soto leaving the game with shoulder discomfort. He left the game after a throw down to 2nd base causing him some shoulder discomfort. He is likely to be out for only a couple games as a precautionary procedure. Soto said this also happened in Spring and if he keeps up on his exercises he should be fine and will not happen again for the rest of the year. Soto even said he could play today if it was an emergency. Koyie Hill will get the start the next couple of games. I think the Cubs will be fine with him behind the plate.

- Former Cub Chad Gaudin is getting some interest since the Cubs released him. The Padres and Rockies have both contacted him.

- The Cubs are still considering signing Dallas McPherson and Mike Lamb to minor league deals in case Aram goes down for an extended time during the year.

- According to multiple reports the Cubs will have "significant flexibility" in payroll to add a player or two at the deadline if needed.

That is all for now, Go Cubs!!!!!


Joe said...

Looks like it was a good move so far to keep Angel Guzman on the roster.

Tanner said...

Looks like Guzman needs to be put down in Double A where they teach NOT TO WALK PEOPLE.