Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening Day Thoughts- CUBS WIN!

The Cubs won their Opening Day game yesterday in Houston. It was a game full of good offense, OK defense, and good pitching. Zambrano went 6 innings of 5 hit one ER baseball with 6 punch outs. The players of the game were Aram and Soriano with big homeruns and Hoffpauir with an insurance run late in the game.

I also want to say how good Heilman looked by using just one pitch to get a double play ball. Yes, he did surrender one run that was charged to Z but he threw a great pitch, it just was an awkward unusual hit to get that run acrossed.

My one big disappointment in the game was Fukudome. This guy has to be one of the most frustrating things for the Cubs and their fans to watch. He does well in the WBC for Japan (and in Japan in general) and does nothing for the Cubs in Spring Training or on Opening Day. Lee did not get a hit either but at least he hit the ball hard when he was up. If this 0 -4 stuff keeps happening do not be surprised it Hendry starts to shop him and Johnson and Gathright get more time in CF. I still think the Cubs should see if the Angels would trade Matthews for Fukudome with the Cubs paying about 3 million of his contract.

The great news is the CUBS WIN!


Anonymous said...

i lost a little respect for you today...it was the first game of the season and you are bashing Fukudome... Give him a week..last i check, it was a team sport. Lee and Soto didnt do anything either, bash them!

cubsfan82 said...

Very good point and I am sorry you lost some respect fo me. I by no means am writing him off. If you do not believe me check out my projections for him.

I just said I was a little dissapointed in him. I guess I am a bit frustrated at the fact he did so well in Japan and beginning of last season and just fell off the radar.

Lee and Soto have proven they can hit in ML, Fukudome has not that is my argument there.

I am just saying he did not pick it up the last half of last season, Spring Training, or Opening Day. Lou nor the fans will give him all season to prove himself while this team trys to win another division title and win the WOrld Series.

That is what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he didn't even do well in the WBC. 4 for 20 with no extra base hits.

Cubbiefan07 said...

I agree with Cubsfan82. In my mind Reed Johnson should be are starting CF. I'm willing to give Kosuke a chance but I think Reed should be given an equal chance.

Cubswin2 said...

Actually Fukudome did not play well in the WBC. He did have 7 walks but only 2 hits in 10 at bats. Japan left him to ride the bench in the championship game.