Monday, December 15, 2008

Cubs to sign Gathright??? UPDATE

UPDATE @ 11:45 am- The Cubs have signed speedy defensive outfielder to a one year deal worth $800,000. He has a lifetime 74% success rate on steals, which is pretty damn good!

According to and the Score out of Chicago the Cubs have Joey Gathright on there radar and could sign him soon. He was non-tendered by the Royals on Friday. This guys is considered one of the fastest guys in baseball and would compete for a spot on the bench. He would add speed and a left handed bat to this team. If the Cubs sign him it would be hard to argue that it is not a good signing. Low risk, high reward.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Gathright is all defence no offense
in my opinion.He had one good year
with the bat(2007) and in day games
he's even worse he batted .218. In
his career he hit one HR. His life time OBP is 328. Not my pick for the bench.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. He came up with the Rays right? Any mention if it would be a minor league deal?

XM said Ken Ro said Furcal is going back to ATL. So much for my wish list.


cubsfan82 said...

Gathright did come up with the Rays and Lou really likes him. I like Joey a lot and I think this could be a sign Lou does not have a lot of trust in Pie or he could be dealt.

Or he could just be outfield depth in case of an injury.

Barring a trade or injury he will start out in AAA Iowa.

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rhino62 said...

It sounds like Pies gone in an upcoming trade. No way they're planning on having both of them and they're not going to just lose Pie due to lack of options.

Anonymous said...

end of pie, i guess???

i like the guy...low BA but the steals are hard to come by and the CUBBIES need a guy whos tough on the basepads

haha: i guess marquis or any other pitcher won't be pinch runnin' next year!!!

Anonymous said...

So what will be Jimbo Hendry's christmas gift to cub's fans this year?