Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bradley is Cubs "Singular Priority"...and a new name????

According to the Chicago Sun-Times the Cubs have made Bradley their only priority. The Cubs did consider Raul Ibanez but he signed with the Phillies. Now the Cubs are just focused on Bradley according to Cubs officials. Another person close to Bradley says the Cubs are at the top of his list of teams to play for. No agreement or formal offer has been made although.

I think Bradley would not only bring a big switch hitting bat to this lineup, he would bring his hot headed attitude(which I love and the Cubs need). To me Bradley is the perfect fit as far as attitude, switch hitter, decent speed, can play all three outfield positions, and the best defensive out of the three big names remaining.


The Cubs are still in the mix for Randy Johnson, especially if they trade Jason Marquis. The Cubs like Johnson's hard nosed attitude, his veteran leadership, and the upside of his stuff. He would likely cost less than Marquis and would be only a one year deal worth about 6-8 million. If the Cubs trade Marquis they would like to sign Johnson. Johnson has also received interest from the Giants and Dodgers.


If the Cubs decide to trade one of there infielders( probably Cedeno) they could target 41 year old free agent Omar Vizquel. Vizguel could take a one year deal worth 1 million from a team. He would be nice veteran presence along with DeRosa to mentor guys like Fontenot and Theriot. God knows Omar could help Theriot take better routes to the ball. Omar would provide a good late inning defensive replacement, plus he is a switch hitter!

To me this would be a no brainer for the Cubs!


Anonymous said...

no omar vizquel please...not necessary in my opinion.
we have a plenty of infielders if you wanna talk about them.


if you trade cedeno,,,i say trade marquis as well and get some salary relief...then if milton bradley isn't way to expensive


christian said...

I really want Milton Bradley and hope we sign him

If we do trade hope it will be in a roberts, figgins, or even if peavy starts up

Anonymous said...

peavey, bradley and roberts. lets do it.