Friday, December 12, 2008

Peavy Details Come Out and Other Rumors.

I just thought you all would like to know some of the Peavy details that we have not heard yet-

- Towers kept putting Sean Marshall on the table and the Cubs never agreed to trade him according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He also says the main sticking point in the deal was the 2010 season with raises due to a lot of players.

- Check this out from the Daily Herald-

Hendry certainly didn’t seem happy that Padres GM Kevin Towers kept throwing names of other teams’ players out to the media. Hendry put up with it for a chance to get Peavy, but it galled him nonetheless. Maybe that’s a lesson learned for “Tampering Towers,” as he’s called by some in the baseball industry. Towers really has no one to blame but himself for painting himself into such a corner.

- Here is what Barry Axlerod said on XM radio last night-

***** Peavy was looking forward to pitching in Chicago.
***** They were sure a deal would get done.
***** As of right now the talks are off the table(could this mean they could start up again?)
***** Peavy is frustrated about the whole situation
***** According to Towers, Axelrod, and Kaplan the talks have been "tabled" and they are "not dead"
***** According to baseball sources the Cubs are still optimistic they can acquire Peavy.
***** Peavy was writing GO CUBS GO on autograph baseballs in Vegas.

That is it for Peavy, FOR NOW!


- The Phillies have officially signed Raul Ibanez for a 3 year 30 million dollar deal, leaving the Cubs likely to sign either Abreu, Bradley, or Dunn. Bradley is the most likely because he can play all three outfield positions, he has more speed, and a guy with good avg and OBP. I expect the Cubs to sign Bradley for a similar deal like 3 years 33 million dollars.

- Lou was really uspset about the idea of him losing Mark DeRosa. I can't blame him , he was the Cubs MVP last season.

- No non-tendered players this year. Gaudin avoided arbitration and got a one year deal. Gregg, Cedeno, Weurtz, Cotts, and Johnson were all tendered contracts.


Anonymous said...

to bad the cubs lost peavy trade

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Hey Joe, Marshall is the second lefty in the pen. Papelbon, and Waddell on the AAA roster look good. And Lambert in AA is fast and comming. I agree with you on Wood. We also still have Hill maybe he'll still come around.
I still think with Peavy wanting to be a cub and Towers was told to reduce the payroll. The cubs will get him cheap. Jan. or Feb. Peavy can veto any trade. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dunn is the one. We might have the worst outfield defensively with him. But, he'd be the LH power we need. Good clubhouse?

Unknown said...

I think when the cubs trade marquise salary away and sign there left handed bat most likely Milton Bradley I think the cubs will start the talks up again.