Sunday, December 07, 2008

Marquis Traded This Week and Other Moves

-Bruce Levine thinks Cubs GM Jim Hendry will have a really busy week. Saying he expects Marquis to be traded this week in Las Vegas. I am hearing from sources it is to the O's, Rockies, Reds, or Mets.

- Levine says the Cubs are still getting calls for Rich Hill even though he is struggling mightily. He might be the missing piece in a potential Peavy three way deal.

- Bruce also says a lot of deals and rumors take shape and get done late. A lot of this has to do with GM's meeting at a bar and talking deals and finally getting things hammered out.

- Levine says the Cubs main concern is a lefty or switch hitter. He stats the Cubs are looking at guys who can either leadoff or bat in the middle of the order. He says it would be a Cubs dream to add Peavy and two left handed hitters. My ideal thought would be Peavy, then Figgins or Roberts or Furcal( preferably Furcal), and then Dunn, Abreu, Hermida, or Bradley. I might be dreaming though!

- It is now unlikely that Gaudin will be non-tendered since Jim likes him as a long reliever. Cubs officials also said that Shark will start the season in the Cubs bullpen unless "things change"

- The Tribune says that Javier Valentin or Koyie Hill could be Soto's back up next season. What about Gregg Zaun or Paul Bako as options??

- We will find out Monday whether Ron Santo will be finally voted into the HOF. HE SHOULD!!!!


Store this in the "Unfound Rumors" section of Hot Stove Cubbies. I received emails from some of my readers and this has not been able to confirm with with a source yet. Still interesting so here it is-

Cubs get Peavy and Aubrey Huff

Orioles get Pie, Cedeno, Hoffpauier, Atkins, and Cubs PTBNL

Paders get Vitters, Marshall, Olsen, and Hart

Sounds like a legitimate trade, although the Cubs are giving up 8 players for 2 which seems like a lot. The reader does says Huff would platoon in RF with Derosa to give Fontenot more playing time at 2b. Seems interesting since Huff does my play good defense in RF, LF, 3b, and 1st, and would give Lou a lot of options for lineups and positions.

I will try to see if I can confirm this trade through on of my sources, until then it is an "Unfound Rumor"


Anonymous said...

Love the information as always, only thing I would disagree with you on is Huff's defense. He's never truly had a position because his defense is below average everywhere. It's not a Derosa situation with him, he's a butcher lol.

john d des moines ia said...

shark who sorry im lost

cubsfan82 said...

Sorry John D.

Shark is Jeff Samardzija.