Monday, December 08, 2008

Peavy Trade Taking Shape!

The Peavy trade is really taking shape now, lets have a look-

- Rosenthal says the Phillies are now in the mix as the possible third team in the Peavy trade. He says the talks are preliminary. He also says the Cubs can't complete a deal for Peavy until their new owner is decided. ( That is an untrue statement according to other reports)

- Scott Miller of says Jason Marquis and Angel Guzman could end up with the Padres in the three team deal. The Pads also could get Happ and Coste from the Phils. Miller says the Phils are known to have interest in Mark DeRosa.

I want to add according to my sources it is a 4 team trade where the Cubs will be sending several players to the Padres, O's, and Phillies. But in turn the Cubs are going to end up with Peavy and Roberts or Scott or Huff in a deal. The Cubs want Font to get more playing time and moving DeRosa would do that. The Padres are not getting Marquis according to my sources. He is either going to the O's or Phillies. Stay tuned for more!

-'s Corey Brock says the Peavy trade " has essentially been completed." No deal has been reached, but Towers says he has facilitated a three or four-team deal. The third and fourth teams have agreed to players. The hang up right now is the remaining players sent from the Cubs to Padres.

If the Cubs trade both Marquis and Derosa in the same deal assuming they will pay none of DeRosa's contract and 4 million of Marquis' then they will purge 10 million which would create no problem for them to take on Peavy's contract for this year.

- Jim Hendry has met with Milton Bradley last night but it is rumored he is likely to sign with either the Rays or Royals.

-'s Lyle Spencer says the Angels have not taken themselves out of the Peavy sweepstakes. Where has this guy been?? Towers is only dealing with the Cubs.

- Tom Krasovic says that DeRosa would wind up a Phillie and Micheal Wuertz is a new name the Padres like. Axelrod also said Peavy would require a full no trade clause for Peavy upon a trade.

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Joe said...

Interesting developments. Like you or someone mentioned... deals start to happen late at night when GMs are at the hotel bar. Whether its the drinks or the late hour or both... wheels are turning!

You thought the Hendry signs Lilly from a hospital bed was a good story... wait till you hear Hendry finally got McFail to give us Roberts cause he got McFail drunk!