Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 3 of Winter Meetings. UPDATE!

BIG NEWS!!!!!- is reporting there is a mega trade proposed that will land the Cubs Jake Peavy. ESPN's Steve Phillips reported a 3 team, seven-player scenario that would land the Cubs 07 Cy Young award winner.

The Phillies would send either Happ or Carrassco plus SS Jason Donald to the Cubs for Mark DeRosa. The Cubs would them send they two young Phillies to the Padres along with Jason Marquis, Felix Pie, and Josh Vitters. Both the Cubs and Phillies would be giving up a lot, but the Cubs would not give up Marshall or anyone that would create a huge hole in the lineup or rotation. The Cubs would have to pick part of Marquis' contract( 4 million or so) to make it work.

DeRosa was labeled untouchable by one source but another said he is not and has been talked about in several trades since he is owed 5.5 million next season and is in the final year of his contract. DeRosa would be back home if traded to Philly because he played QB at Penn.

Gotta be honest this is a great trade for the Cubs. They will be getting rid of 5.5 million of DeRosa's contract while putting Fontenot at 2b full time or platooning him with Theriot at 2b allowing the Cubs to get a SS thru trade or free agency. Also the Cubs would be getting rid of 5 million of Marquis' contract, cancelling out Peavy's contract for next season. Which leaves good money to land a middle of the order left-handed hitter or leadoff man. Plus the Cubs do not have to give up Marshall who would be the 6th starter on this team and lefty long reliever in the pen.

Love this deal! Hope it goes down!

To add to the BIG NEWS POST-

Bruce Levine's blog said that Jim Hendry has had lunch with Seth Levinson, who represents Milton Bradley and Raul Ibanez. Also at lunch today Lou told Bruce that the Cubs will have a left-handed hitter for their lineup within the next couple of days. He thinks it probably Bradley and I tend to agree with him.

It should be noted that baseball sources told him that Bradley has already been looked at by Cubs trainers during the last month.

Great News!!!!


UPDATE @ 6:45 pm- Corey Brock of says a Padres source said the Twins are not involved in a potential Peavy deal.

UPDATE @ 6:30 pm- Buster Onley of says the Yankees have talked about Peavy with the Padres but those talks did not really advance. Poor Buster trying to get his east coast bias in the trade for Peavy talk. He fails to realize that Towers has said it is either the Cubs or he will keep Peavy plus Peavy will not accept a trade to any team except the Cubs. Too bad Buster!

UPDATE @ 4:30 pm- Buster Olney says that Peavy's agent Barry Axelrod has left the meetings with no word of a deal but the Cubs are still expected to get it done.

UPDATE @ 4:15 pm- Corey Brock says the Padres might want Scott Hairston in a deal.

UPDATE @ 4:00 pm- Carrie Mustkat says according to her source the Cubs will not trade Derosa. She adds there is no time table for a deal to get done even though the Phillies, Cubs and Padres still are talking about a deal.

UPDATE @ 11:58 am- Bruce Levine is reporting a deal is still being worked on but the scenario is being mentioned. The Cubs sending DeRosa to Philly for Happ and a second pitcher. The Cubs would then send Happ, Hart, Marquis, Vitters and the other Phills pitcher to the Padres in exchange for Peavy. The Cubs would eat about 4 million of the contract.( Bruce might be off a bit on this one or missing some pieces, because that does not sound like enough).

He also said along with the deal for Peavy the Cubs are working on a trade to bring in an outfielder.

This contradicts almost all reports earlier today.

Here is some rumors from day three-

- No Peavy deal is close according to ESPN.

- Gordon Wittenmyer says the Cubs biggest challenge is the Cubs moving Jason Marquis' contract and the other is the Padres clearing spots in the 40 man roster. He also says the Cubs' is not an issue. ( regardless of what other media says)He also goes onto says the Phillies do not expect to get DeRosa but other players( I am assuming maybe Cedeno or Guzman??) and he also said the idea of Carlos Zambrano being traded after acquiring Peavy is untrue.

- Jim Salisbury says that Kyle Kendrick could be included in this three team trade.

- StarTribune says the Twins and Cubs have talked about a deal that would send them Mark DeRosa and get them involved in the Peavy trade( I am wondering if Delmon Young could be apart of this). The Twins also have a lot of young pitching that could help the Cubs land Peavy. They also like Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Lets try a 4 way trade with the Phillies, Cubs, Padres, and Twins-

Cubs get Peavy

Phillies get Guzman and Cedeno

Twins get Derosa, Pie, and Kouzmanoff

Padres get Vitters, Kendrick, Marshall, Delmon Young, and two young pitching prospects from Twins.

- It looks like the O's maybe falling out of the three way trade. They just signed Cesar Izturis.

- Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune said a Phillies source said a deal is in place if the Cubs will pull the trigger with the Padres. Sullivan talked to Crane Kenney who implied the projected budgets for the bidders did in fact include Peavy's contract if they acquired him.

SO no more BS about the "sale of the team" and "having to get permission from prospective buyers" mainstream media!!!!!!

- Towers said that the two sides have made a lot of progress since last night and said "we're just not there yet"

-In non-Peavy news Bradley might be close to signing with the Cubs according to the Chicago Tribune. The Cubs have said they want a middle of the order left handed bat and deal Marquis before moving onto "other business" and they might be close to crossing one off there list. The Cubs also have some interest in Bobby Abreu but there has been no formal talks, even thought Peter Greenberg said Abreu is interested in the Cubs.

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