Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peavy Update

Here is some more updates-

-East coast bias Jayson Stark said Peavy to the Cubs doesn't seem inevitable anymore, and the sides have not made progress in the last 24 hours. He also says the Cubs do not want to trade DeRosa.

- Corey Brock said Towers should know one way or another if Peavy will be traded by the end of the Meetings. He also says a 4th team will be required. He also says Marquis and DeRosa maybe hangups. He said the Padres may have to pay some of his contract even though they do not want to. He went on to say a Padres source said one rumored deal that would land the Padres shortstop Jason Donald or pitcher Carlos Carrasco from the Phillies was entirely false. He did say the Cubs package would include Josh Vitters, Pie, and Hart in a deal.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Cubs arent getting Peavy. The reports have gotten more discouraging as today went on.