Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Day 2 of the Winter Meetings.....

WOW! What a busy day yesterday. It is only going to get more exciting and let me tell you how much fun this has been. It has been the most active offseason I have ever witnessed for every team involved. Lets check out the early morning rumors-

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the Cubs are in "intense discussions" with Milton Bradley. The Rays and Cubs are currently the only active players with Bradley since the Royals bowed out.

- Jake Peavy is close to becoming a Cub-

***** UPDATED @ 1:02 am- Ken Rosenthal has a source that says the Cubs' attempts to bring in a third team include 20 names with 4 or 5 teams. Rosenthal also says an agreement is still not close.

*****UPDATED @ 2:40 am- Chris De Luca has a different source close to Jim Henry that says a deal is "very close." The source also says the O's and Cubs part of the deal is already set up. The O's would send the Cubs Garrett Olson for Felix Pie and the Cubs would then fip Olson to the Padres. A second team is also rumored to be the Phillies, who could send more prospects for a guy like Mark DeRosa. Jim declined to comment on the recent trade talks.

***** The Cubs would like to still trade Marquis and get a lefty bat before the trade is completed for Peavy( which explains why Bradley talks have heated up). One scenario is sending Marquis in a separate deal or in the same deal as Peavy. Talks should get very hot in the next 24 hours.

***** UPDATE @ 10:40 am- Phil Rogers jumps into the Peavy discussions saying the key to a four team deal would be the Phillies or O's taking on part if not all of Marquis contract. I like this quote from Rogers "it will be a stunner if the Cubs don't acquire Peavy"

I am gonna take a stab at this 4 team trade-

Cubs get Peavy and an unknown player from the Phillies or O's

Phillies get Derosa and Guzman

Padres get Olson, Vitters, Happ, Cedeno, and Marshall

O's get Pie and Marquis


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