Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peavy Deal on Life Support?? Not Likely.

This is according to Jon Heyman-

If the Padres want to deal star pitcher Jake Peavy to the Cubs, it appears they have some work to do.

"The Peavy thing isn't dead, but it's on life support," one person familiar with the Cubs' dealings said.

With the Braves out of the talks, at least for the moment, the Cubs appeared to be San Diego's best hope for a trade. One reason for that is that Peavy seems willing to consider waiving his no-trade powers to join the Cubs.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are surveying the lefty hitter market, which is strong. Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez and Adam Dunn are among about a half-dozen hitters they're considering.

While I do not have the sources that Jon Heyman does, I do disagree with this statement. We have heard this back and fourth talks all winter long and I think it gets resolved this week when Jake Peavy is traded to the Cubs. There has been a half a dozen reports in the last 48 hours saying talks are about to resume today and throughout the entire week about a Peavy trade. Could Jon be talking to Lou??? Because he is the only one saying this trade is not happening( and that is only because he has to). I trust guys like Bruce Levine, Rosenthal, Onley, Tim Brown and others that talk to Towers and Hendry a little more than Heyman. I am wondering who this "one person familiar with the Cubs dealings is????" Until someone in the media besides Heyman comes out and supports this, I am really not going to read into it.

I do think the Cubs want to add a left handed hitter first before Peavy like Heyman said and many others have stated. I like two of the 3 names he has listed( Abreu and Dunn) because it will not cost Cubs draft picks and will cost about the same as Ibanez with Dunn being younger. The other three he maybe hinting at are David DeJesus, Hermida, and Milton Bradley.

I will keep you posted on the latest cubs rumors!


Anonymous said...

jon heymen is a idiot. never listen to anything he says

Anonymous said...

I want to get Peavy

Anonymous said...

Is there any posibility the cubs wood go after a trade for Mulder from Cardinals? It wood be nice to has a nother lefty in the rotation with Lilly