Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peavy talks off or are they?? Other Rumors.

Lets start with the Peavy thing-

- Kevin Towers said the proposed deal with the Cubs for Peavy is dead. The Cubs pulled out of the deal. The Angels are still interested but Kevin Towers does not want to discuss any deals for Peavy at this time. Thank God!!!!

- The Cubs "remain optimistic that they can acquire Peavy, all but ignored Towers' self-imposed deadline." Link

- This is something from MLBTR-

Talked to a person familiar with the Cubs' thinking...he really could not see the Cubs revisiting a Peavy trade. The Padres need to get Peavy's $63MM off the books soon, yet were trying to swing 6-for-1 or 7-for-1 deals for him despite the extremely limited market. Marshall was never in the mix, by the way.

- Buster Onley said today on Baseball Tonight that he feels the trade is not dead and could come full circle if the Cubs are to trade Marquis and get there left-handed bat.

This whole Peavy situation really angered me. All this back and fourth reminded me of the Brian Roberts situation( even the demands). If you think about this, Hendry did the right thing. If you look at the deal the Twins got for Santana and the rumored 7 for 1 trade for Peavy along with the contract, it is ridiculous. I understand Towers was trying to get as much bang for his buck but the Padres owner said he wanted Peavy's deal off the books and he did not get it done. I still think it is possible a deal could get done but first and foremost the Cubs need a middle of the order left-handed hitter.

I think Hendry did the right thing here. Good Job!


- Jon Heyman says the Cubs and Mets are now talking about a Jason Marquis trade. The Cubs will have to eat some of his salary unless they do what Heyman suggested and take Scott Schoeneweis.

I would take Scott Schoeneweis for Marquis straight up. He would be the other lefty in the pen plus he posted 3.34 ERA last season. He is owed 3.6 million next season.

Other guys that would help and be a good trade for the Cubs is Ryan Church( who is arbitration eligible) or Brian Schneider(who is owed 4.9 million next season) who could provide a veteran behind the plate and a part time catcher who bat lefty.

- Raul Ibanez says his preferred destination is Philly. It is also stated that that the Phillies are stepping up their efforts. This makes the Cubs choices down to Bradley, Abreu, or Dunn, they have not had any other talks recently with other clubs or players. It should be noted that the Rays, White Sox, and Mets like Abreu and the Rays are also in on Bradley. With hardly any interest at the moment for Adam Dunn. Bruce Levine also said Bradley wants to play for the Cubs by the way.

- The Cubs are still interested in Randy Johnson. I would prefer him over Marquis.

- The Reds selected one player in Thursday's Rule 5 Draft and immediately traded him in a pre-arranged deal. Right-handed reliever David Patton was selected from the Rockies' Triple-A roster and was subsequently sent to the Cubs in exchange for cash. Patton was 4-5 with a 3.54 ERA in 50 relief appearances.

- I think the Cubs should still entertain offers for Mark DeRosa, especially since the Cubs would get Figgins as a replacement if he is traded. I love Figgins!


christian said...

I think the cubs should forget about peavy because they can then put there prospects to a guy like figgins

I think the cubs should go after Bradley, then abreu, then ibanez, then dunn for our left handed bat outfielder

I would also trade Marquise to the mets for that relief pitcher and then sign randy johnso to a one year contract worth about 4 million

Joe said...

I like the Big Unit idea. Low risk avg reward and it would have meant we shed Marquis and his contract. As much as we hate on Marquis... he is an excellent 5th starter. Its just his salary we need to dump right now.

Hopefully this Rule 5 deal for the Patton kid works out the way our previous deal with the Reds for a Rule 5 worked out for them (Josh Hamilton).

When the Peavy rumors first started... I felt the Cubs should have been focusing elsewhere (keeping Wood, going after a lefty OF bat, and a true lead off hitter). As talks dragged on the crazy dream rotation of Peavy, Z, Lilly, Demp, and Harden was tempting. But now that the deal is supposedly dead... it is a relief. Rumors went from dealing kids plus Marshall and maybe Marquis to including DeRo, which was too much if you ask me. Cause right now the top rumored target for the lefty OF bat is M Brad. I read that he's only played more than 100 games twice in his career and he DHed most of the time last season with Rangers. That means some injury history and that means he will need to be spelled in RF once in a while. Enter keeping DeRo. And as much as I love Font, we still dont know if he can handle an entire season starting and I think I would rate DeRo's glove over Font's. So keeping DeRo would be huge as we bounce him between 2B and RF.

I'm still SHOCKED that Hendry is not addressing our bullpen. Letting Wood go cause we have Marmol and now Gregg, fine (I still hate it, but a back up plan is there). Where is the back up plan for a lefty arm? Cotts? Some kid in our system with no experience? Give me a break. Should be spending the money we "saved" by not resigning Wood on a lefty arm. How the heck did the Mets end up swinging a deal for JJ Putz, who wont even close for them. Maybe in the end this Peavy distraction will end up hurting us more than just not getting him.

The Cubs may win the division now that the Brew are CC and Sheet less, but it'll be same old story in playoffs without a legit lead off hitter, the lefty RF bat, and a lefty arm or two in the pen... on top of hoping Marmol can handle the closer job.

christian said...

I have a question gor u go u know how to become a GM

allan said...

"I would prefer him over Marquis".

I would hate having to depend on a 44 year old power pitcher for a whole season.

Anonymous said...