Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Peavy Update! UPDATE!

UPDATE @ 3:30 pm-MLB.com says Peavy talks are slowing down and the Cubs do not want to give up more than the 5 players that the Padres are asking according to another source.

UPDATE @ 3:00 pm- Kevin Towers says nothing has changed in the past 24 hours. This according to Yahoo's Tim Brown and Gordon Edes. The Cubs are having second thoughts about the 4 team trade and sources says the price maybe too steep right now.

UPDATE @ 2:30 pm- Tom Krasovic says the Padres are not seeking Happ or Coste as we heard recently. He also said Cedeno does not seem to be a top of the Padres wish list to play SS.

- According to league sources the Cubs are slowing talks down so they can concentrate on dealing Marquis in a separate deal and get a left-handed hitter for the middle of their lineup. If the Cubs land a Lefty or switch hitter, soon after the deal, the deal for Peavy should be completed according to one source.

WOW, a lot of going back and fourth. I just hope the Cubs do not leave the meetings with nothing accomplished!

Here is the latest Peavy Updates-

- Rosenthal says the Cubs are not close on a deal with Peavy. He continues to say the Cubs need to have an idea who their owner is before they make a deal. The Cubs are considering Randy Johnson as a backup plan.

Where is he hearing this crap??? There have been reports across the board saying a deal is close and from local media. This main stream media like ESPN and Foxsports are not in tune with teams not named the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, and Mets. I take local word over mainstream any day!

- Jayson Stark had this to say-

A Chicago Cubs source vehemently denied reports that a trade for Jake Peavy is imminent, telling ESPN.com Tuesday that the club is not "remotely close" to a deal for the San Diego Padres ace.

PeavyThe Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday night that the Cubs were very close to a deal, according to a source close to GM Jim Hendry.

But according to ESPN.com's source, there are multiple reasons the Cubs can't move forward on any trade for Peavy right now.

First, the source said, the Cubs' "No. 1 priority" is adding a left-handed-hitting outfielder, not a starting pitcher. And the team isn't close to acquiring that bat. The Cubs have interest in a half-dozen outfielders who meet that description, with free agents Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu seemingly at the top of that list.

Second, the Cubs' muddled ownership situation leaves Hendry and his baseball people unsure about whether they would be permitted to take on a contract as large as Peavy's. The 27-year-old right-hander will make $11 million next season and has as much as $81 million remaining over the next five years if his team picks up his 2013 option.

The source didn't deny that the Cubs have had numerous discussions about a deal for Peavy, including three-team and four-team scenarios that could involve the Baltimore Orioles and/or Philadelphia Phillies.

But the Cubs have also pursued other, less-expensive starting pitching options, including free agent Randy Johnson, who is only looking for a one-year deal.

Padres GM Kevin Towers told ESPN.com Monday that his team needs to leave the winter meetings Thursday with a clear sense of whether there's a deal to be made for Peavy. If not, Towers said, the team needs to announce to its fans that Peavy is staying and begin trying to fill its needs in other ways.

Once again a disagree with Stark saying the Cubs ownership in flux complicates things. Crane Kenney has come out and said the payroll will exceed 140 million and it is "business as usual." Another thing I would want to know is why his source said they are not "remotely close" then say they discussed a 3 or 4 team deal for Peavy??? Sounds like there at least somewhat close if they are discussing teams and players. I just do not see the main stream sports media getting the details before the Chicago or Padres guys do.

- Peavy sang GO CUBS GO at a bar in Vegas last night. Not sure how credible it is but hey, it is interesting.

- The Cubs along with the Mets and Phillies are the front runners to land Raul Ibanez.


Deacon D said...

Your right, local people know more about it than people from espn. who only care about the red sox and the yankees. and another thing people keep KEEP saying that the cubs have to wait to see who the new owner will be befor they can make a trade for peavy. thats dumb. Crane Kenney already told jim that the payroll will INCREASE next season. It will increase enough to get jake peavy and a left handed bat.

Anonymous said...

your right Deacon D. while i used to be assuming the ownership change had to be in place to move on i think they'll move on with big $ moves without an owner. but lets beware, a new owner may not come abored with certain big contrancts signed. Jimbo