Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cubs Could be Looking Around...

The Chicago Cubs have been plagued by injuries so far this season which is unfortunate but not unexpected. The Cubs may in fact have to start to look at outside their own farm for some everyday help. The Cubs are said be be in need for both pitching and power hitting help. The Cubs do like their rotation but there is always upgrading to do, they like there lineup but with Aramis out for 6-8 weeks they will need either someone to step up or make a move. The Cubs did receive Ryan Freel for Joey Gathright late last week and should soften the blow of losing Aramis some but that will only last so long. The other concern/non-concern is Derrek Lee. He has been bothered with a bulging disk in his neck and has been sidelined for the better part of a week. The good news the Cubs have Hoffpauir and expected to get back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The number 1 thing the Cubs need to do is revamp their bullpen and started doing that by calling up Jose Ascaino for the injured Chad Fox. They still have a lot of cutting to do though, guys like Neal Cotts, Angel Guzman, Patton, and Heilman that have all been very inconsistent. Out of the pen they should just keep Guzman, Heilman, Marmol, and Gregg in there. I think Cotts and Patton need to be traded or put though waivers. The Cubs have too much depth in AAA to put up with pitchers giving up the homerun ball and not throwing strikes. They should let players like Jason Waddell, Jose Ascaino (who is with the Cubs), Jeff Stevens, Greg Reinhard, Esmailin Caridad, and Mitch Atkins get a shot at winning a spot in the pen.

As far as the Cubs offensive situation they could either call up Jake Fox to add some pop or go outside the organization for a player that can either add tons of speed or power. If Aramis looks like he will be out past the 6 weeks the Cubs will need to make a move for a power bat or added speed to this lineup. Here are some players that could be available and that should interest the Cubs.

- Garrett Atkins- This guy has been on the block the past 2 seasons and still remains there. He could provide the Cubs will pop but will his power translate to Wrigley is the question.

- Adrian Beltre- In the last year of this contract he could be had for not too much. The Cubs could look past his not so good glove and hope the change of scenery helps his bat.

- Hank Blalock- Would look pretty good in Cubbie blue and has been shopped around some the past couple seasons, not to mention he is also in the last year of his contract. With Texas doing as good as they are look for them to be buyers not sellers.

- Mark DeRosa- His name already coming up in trade rumor and we are not even in June. The Cubs could bring him back because right now they really miss him!

- Chone Figgins- Love the player and his speed. He would provide the Cubs with depth and versatility even when Aram gets back. He is also in the last year of his contract.

- Brandon Inge- My number one guy they should pick up. Just think in March of 2008 the Cubs could have gotten Bradon Inge for Weurtz! He would provide the pop and defense for the injured Aramis. Even when Aramis comes back Inge could take the place of Soto if he continues to struggle or be a spot starter for a guy in the outfield. Either way the Cubs should jump at the thought of getting him!

- Mark Teahen- Maybe wishful thinking considering the Royals are doing so well and how good Teahen has been but you never know. He is 2nd on my list of guys that the Cubs should try to acquire.

The Cubs just need to make a move and one soon before the Cards or Brewers create distance with the rest of the division.


waldo7239117 said...

They should trade Lee for Figgins and put Figgins at second, then use Fontenot in the utility role again and trade Miles for a PTBNL.

Anonymous said...

Rich Harden has a better batting average that 5 other guys in tonight's lineup. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

Tonight we will see just how much we need a stopper like Peavy(Zambrano is not a stopper)in the rotation. The difference between a thrower(Harden) and an actual "Pitcher" will be easy to see after tonight.

Tanner said...

I AGREE!!! I was thinking about this tonight at work!

Joe said...

Looks like the thrower got the upper hand this time around. Peavy hasnt exactly been stellar to start the season either.

Dont get me wrong. If we can swing a deal for Peavy still, I'm all for it. But to bust on Harden for being a thrower? I think he has been around long enough to not have that tag.

The fact of the matter is, he only has two pitches as a starter. They are freakin nasty pitches when he is on, but when he is not, he is reduced to nibbling and stuck with throwing the one pitch he can get over the plate for a strike and getting smoked. As a hitter you are going to like your 50/50 odds vs 1 out of 3 or 4 from the arsenal a guy like Peavy has.

Which kind of leads to my next point. If we do land Peavy and if Harden continues to have to labor just to get into the 6th or has another DL stint, I'm surprised there has been no whispers of pulling a Wood. Send Harden to the pen to be the closer. The fastball change up routine turned Hoffman into a HOF closer. And if Gregg struggles, we can have Harden as the closer, keep Marmol as the set up, and then Gregg and Heilman can share the 7th or earlier role. With those names suddenly the bullpen that was a liability is now a strength.

Anonymous said...

that guy was right though, even though harden won this one, thats baseball. harden is the same guy that runs out of gas in the 5th because he can't throw strikes. peavy will win the big game, harden won't.

Anonymous said...

any of those guys would be ok, i disagree with figgins though. i agree that he is a good player and earlier it may have been a good move. But now with miles, scales, and freel, i think we have enough of those versitile defense guys with little pop. figgins isn't that much better than those guys and we need to focus on adding another starter, building more of a bench, and adding even another hitter possibly.(realizing we can't have them all but one of those options is way more important right now) I realize we need to get to the playoffs first, but maybe if we take a chance and build for the postseason, we might make it past the NLDS. just a thought... go cubs.