Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wounded Cubs and Other Notes.

- A lot can happen in just a couple of days. Lee has missed another game and will not start tomorrow because of his neck. He will get some test done after that they will decide whether to DL him or not.

- Aramis was placed on the DL today with a dislocated left shoulder. The MRI he had today showed no major damage other than the dislocation. The Cubs should know after a month how when he will be back. They expect him to be out 6-8 weeks at least.

- The Cubs traded Joey Gathright to the O's for Ryan Freel. Freel will start at 3rd for Aramis and should do a decent job but will not produce like Aram of course.

- If injuries continue to mount and the pen continues to fail, Lou may do a complete overhaul of the pen and then try to acquire a guy like Chone Figgins or call up Jake Fox. Either way the Cubs need some consistency.


Jordan C said...


Here how I see it. The only in house option that is capable of somewhat producing like Aram did is , Jake Fox. And with Chad Fox going on the DL it is a perfect time to call him up. If we look around the majors the three options I would see immediately are

1. Chone Figgins- Try throw in Dlee in that trade, he would likely waive his NTC cuz it is a west coast team.
2.Adrian Beltre- They could likely have a fire sale, and the cubs could give a few of their pitching prospects to be able to acquire him. And maybe if they throw in more might see Erik Bedard as well.
3. Scott Rolen- Might be availabe if the Jays start losing again, good defense, and still has some skill at the dish.

But of the cubs do want to acquire a 3B via trade, then they will also have to make sure that they can plug him in at other positions. Thats figgins seems like the best option due to his versatility at defense. (2B,3B,RF,LF,CF)

Tanner said...

I know I have said this once before, but I THINK THE CUBS NEED TO LOOK AT TRADING DEREK LEE! I mean we have somebody to take his place. Cubs need to wake up and play baseball, they are playing HORRIBLE!

Bring back DeRosa and Kerry Wood.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Tanner, Derosa is batting .238 and Wood has a 6.55 ERA. Freel will help at 3rd, Ramirez is only going to miss 6 weeks or less. In my opinion we need the relief pitchers to start pitching.