Monday, May 04, 2009

Z to DL and Scales to the Show.

- The Cubs put Carlos Zambrano on the 15 day DL with a mild grade 2 hamstring strain. It is more of a precautionary thing for the Cubs. The Cubs did call up infielder Bobby Scales and do plan on calling up Randy Wells for a spot start on Friday against the Brewers.

- News and Rumors have been slow and should pick up after May wraps up. So hand in there Cub fans!


Anonymous said...

anything on the ownership picking up? its May now... can you ask or have you heard anything?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Bradley,Lee and Soto will start hitting soon. But what scares me is all the BB our relief pitchers are giving up. There is not 1 relief pitcher with an ERA under 4.00. We do have some in AAA with 0.00 ERA's that could mean some trades soon.

Anonymous said...

this should calm lou on pinch hitting him and maybe we can actually get a bench. derosa would look nice right about now.

Anonymous said...

some good points made here...i too cringe when Sour Lou uses Z as a pinch hitter, lets calm that shit down. also, why is the team still for sale, i know the economy has changed and everything but when Cuban is eager to buy the old coots who control the team interest need to pass the torch.
Thanks, Phil Culpepper