Friday, May 22, 2009

Cubs Will Restart Talks for Peavy.... Lee's Comments

A lot of Peavy news has been circling around baseball. First Jake was going to be traded to the southside but he exercised his no trade clause. It was a wise idea for Jake considering if he waits a bit longer he can determine what team is in contention, if the location would then appeal to him, and if they are built to win in the years to come as well.

Some clubs that have come out and rumored to be interested since this and they are the Red Sox, Angels, and Brewers. The Red Sox already said they have enough pitching depth and may concentrate on offense at the deadline. The Angels are also considering offense and maybe a first baseman and the Brewers, well, are the Cubs biggest concern right now. The Brewers have money to spend right now and at the deadline so I see them as their only competition.

When Jim Hendry was asked about restarting talks about Peavy there was no comment. But it is said that once the Ricketts family finalizes the purchase of the Cubs they will pursue Peavy to add strength to their rotation. Some player that now could be involved are Bobby Scales, Jake Fox, Jeff Stevens, and numerous other young pitchers.

A good thing is that Ryan Theriot and Reed Johnson like the idea!

One thing is for sure, the Cubs will be players for Peavy again!


Something stuck me the other day hearing Derrek Lee's comments on Cubs pre-game. He stated that the Cubs have been "playing good baseball" and that he is "not worried." I am sorry but Derrek you are wrong! I am really getting sick of this attitude that everything is just fine and the Cubs ignore the giant elephant in the room. The Cubs are not "playing good baseball." They are making baserunning and fielding mistakes, lack of hustle, and motivation. A lot of that comes from our Captain Derrek Lee who is hitting a poor .239 with 4 homers, and a .305 OBP. It is not early anymore and a corner man hitting like that would not even be on the 25 man roster let alone starting.

It is time Derrek starts hitting and shut his mouth because he does not have any idea what "playing good baseball" is right now. Considering he is "not worried" scares me because the Cubs are currently in 3rd place and 4 games out of first.

This whole situation bothers me and if Derrek does not pick it up then the Cubs need to start Hoffpauir at first because he is "playing good baseball!"


Anonymous said...

A little attitude from you this time. I like it, call it how it is!. Even if the Cubs get Peavy, I am afraid that we still won't hit. Lee has been decreasing every year, he is lazy, can't come through in the clutch, and honestly his defense is decent but some lazy plays out there are still costing the Cubs runs. The Cubs would be close to a great team if they would have kept Derosa, and added Peavy. Now I realize the both of those happening may not be likely, since the Padres wanted pitching, but I really think the Derosa trade doomed them this year. He was the team MVP last year, and as far as I know a great clubhouse guy. With him this year, we would probably need to add another starter still. However he would not need to be a Peavy caliber. They would have enough to go out and get a servicable 5th man or even let marshall and wells in that spot and go out and get another hammer for the pen. With losing Derosa we now lose a great everyday utility man, thats right, every day utility haha, and offense. I realize he his hitting in the .250s this year but he still has more RBI's than ANYONE on the Cubs. Nice job Jim. We haven't gotten a big pickup at the deadline since Suttcliff. And don't say Nomar or Kendall, they both did nothing. Oh yeah and Matt Lawton what a winner he was. Get off your rear Jim and take a chance, we as Cub fans are tired of playing it safe and securing our future. We want to win one now. I'm sure most of(if not all) would trade a World Series championship for the next 5 years being crappy. Lets get one. Go Cubs.

Anonymous said...

watchin the game tonight... how much of a GAMER is Peavy?

Anonymous said...

This team needs to quit playing like they are feeling sorry for themselves. Every team has injuries. Suck it up. Earn your money. This slump can get out of hand faster than a cat can lick its ass. Time for a Lou Pinella "pep talk."

Anonymous said...

when you say..once the Ricketts finalizes the deal...what do you mean? like after his press conference or right after he sends in the info about whats banks and things like that.(which is suppose to have like next week)
thank you and i hope u respond to this!

chipecan said...

I'd love to see the Cubs Pads and Angles pull a three way with Peavy, A.Gonzales, and Macier Izturiz or E.Aybar coming to the Cubs. D.Lee to Angles and Pads get several prospects from both Cubs and Angles.

I'd move Fontenot back to the bench, where IMO he is more valuable.Move Theriot back to 2b. Put Izturiz/Aybar at SS. Replace Lee with A.Gonzales this is the power LH bat we are missing and I believe would inject a major shot in the arm that is needed.

Keep Scales and dump Miles....he is a bum.

A rotation of Peavy, Z, Lilly, Demp, Harden is rather deep. I like Marshall as a starter but we need his LH arm in the BP becasue Cotts is do-do.

I know it's a pipe dream but we are Cubs fans after all.....

cubsfan82 said...

What I mean about a finalized deal is that he has the money in place, paper work filled out, an OK by the MLB committee, and the offical press conferance. They are saying June or July at the latest for it to be complete.

Right before the trade deadline!

Anonymous said...

Ok thank you for responding!