Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updated Rumors on Peavy and Manny in Cubs uniform?? Doubtful.

More news on the Peavy circus-

- Kevin Towers has now said that they want young controllable pitching and middle infielders package with together to get Peavy. There is no mention for a CF though I think Felix Pie could intrigue them. The reason they want middle infield help is so they can package Greene in with Peavy. Since Towers want middle infield help the Cubs could throw out some names like Cedeno, Font, Bobby Scales or even Theriot along with Pie and 2-3 good pitchers young pitchers. It is also stated that the Astros do not match up well considering Towers desire for young pitching. No word on what the Cubs could offer or if they have talked about a potential deal but it is still early and Peavy will not be dealt by tomorrow.

-Here is a great and interesting read on Manny and the Cubs possibility-,0,6958510.column

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Anonymous said...

It is looking more and more like the Cubs have a really good shot at Peavy( I didn't think so before). He won't got to the AL, and some of the teams he requested just don't work. He won't go to LA b/c the Pads won't trade him there playing them 20 times a year, the Braves and Cardinals don't seem to want to give up their top prospects( although if they did they both would be the front-runners). Houston has a terrible farm system(depleted after the Tejada trade), and they wouldn't give up Pence(at least I wouldn't). I think that we could get it done with a deal of Pie, Marshall, Cedeno, Theriot(maybe get Marquis out of here and keep Marshall)(that is quite a haul plus three of those guys were solid contributors to our team last year, but if we could zero in on Furcal then I would not have a problem). If they wanted to throw Greene in, I would take him (he has great range and has good power). The Manny idea is interesting, but I don't want him for more than 1 year. He is a cancer and eventually will be a distraction. I would rather see a lefty bat to be honest. I also don't really understand why so many people bash Soriano. If any of these people watched baseball the last 8 years you would see that he is exactly what he is. A undisciplined hitter that over the course of the year will end up with some ridiculous numbers. If you project his stats out over 162 games with the Cubs it is pretty impressive; .285-90 38 hrs, 99 Rbi's, 25 steals, and over a .900 ops. This year he was actually pretty patient and had the same OBP as Lee. Let's also take a look at the Cubs record with him in and out of the line-up. they were 30 plus games over. I don't think it is any coincidence. Plus, from all inside sources he is not a bad teammate. He is actually one of the favorites in the clubhouse with his smiling and happy go-lucky attitude. He will bat 3rd or 5th if Lou asks him to. We just need a better alternative in the lead-off spot. Lets keep the rumors flowing and hopefully a few of them will develop into truths!