Monday, October 13, 2008

Levine with some good rumors.

Levine chips in with some new and already heard rumors. So here they are-

- He expects the Cubs to have great interest in Orlando Hudson. Hudson is the ideal #2 hitter in the lineup. A switch hitter with some pop that is a career .282 hitter with a career .346 OBP. The Cubs will have a lot of competition for the 2nd baseman, so that could be a challenge.

- Levine also said the Cubs would demand Sanchez or Cain for Lee. He thinks Lee would waive his no trade clause for a California based team. We already went over this yesterday.

- The only way the Cubs would sign Adam Dunn is if Lee is traded. Which means he would be playing first base for the Cubs.

- The Cubs will be in the hunt for Brian Roberts and Chone Figgins this offseason if made available. It has been known that Lou would prefer Figgins. Which I agree with.

- He also thinks the Cubs will make a run at Furcal. I think Theriot does a good job at SS but if the Cubs can't land Roberts or Figgins, Furcal would be near the next best thing.

Team meetings begin the 19th so we should really feel the heat of the hot stove soon after that!