Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Could Cubs land Peavy??

According to numerous sites including MLBTR, the Padres are listening to offers for Jake Peavy. Peavy has a no trade clause but is willing to waive it to go to another NL club. Peavy does not like the idea of pitching in the AL, nor should he want to with those hitter friendly parks and big hitters in the lineup. Jake's agent said that some AL teams could interest Peavy and that he has not completly ruled the AL out.

The Cubs are interested in adding another quality arm to this rotation. We have already heard C.C.'s name along with Cain, so you know they will have interest in the Padres ace. According to Buster Onley, the Padres could attach Khalil Greene to help with their salary relief. The Cubs are rumored to be one of the teams that have already inquired on Peavy,which is a good sign. Expect talks to heat up quickly because Onley believes the deal should get done even before the winter meeting begin, which would be out of the ordinary for a MLB offseason.

I honestly believe the Cubs will be big players for Peavy even if they attach Greene on the deal. The Cubs could always flip Greene somehwere else like the Giants or another team in need for a shortstop. Although I think the Cubs would have to give up quantiy of players rather than quality to get this done. The Cubs do not have a "top prospect" in their system so they may have to include guys like Cedeno, Pie, Veal, and Marshall to get the ball even rolling.

Expect the rumors of the Cubs interest in Peavy to increase in the next 2 to 3 weeks as team meetings are wrapped up and the playoffs draw to a close. Should be another fun offseason for the Cubs!


Anonymous said...

ok...i like the idea of Peavy,I give you that, but i need to know your "source". Please don't give me some excuse in a trusworthy source or anything like that. I want a name of a sports writer, a quote, or some website.
I'm not trying to be mean or cruel, I just want to know if these are legitimate and if I should come back to this website for all my beloved Cubbies rumors, or if I should maybe come back every once in a while for "laughs"

cubsfan82 said...

Here are many sites saying Peavy is avaliable-



http://www3.signonsandiego.com/stories/ ... ct/?padres

i hope this helps!

and according to espn this morning the Pads will try to attach Greene to any deal according to buster onley.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's get the air cleared here. Lee for Cain will never happen. The upside of Cain is far more valuable than Lee. It would have taken the Brewers Prince and Hardy to get that rumored deal done. Sanchez would be more likely, but I don't like Sanchez at all, a 5.01 era?? (Marshall has as much potential as Sanchez in my opinion). Peavy would be a great pick-up but do we really have the farm system to acquire him? I like the Dunn idea, and I could live with him in right field and his defensive shortcomings bc his offensive production would be great at Wrigley. That would leave you with a platoon of Reed and Fukudome in center. We really need a lead-off hitter and Furcal does make alot of sense. He is a huge upgrade defensivley over theriot and I like theriot more as a utility player. I say go out and re-sign Wood and Dempster, make a play for Furcal and Dunn. Attempt to trade for Peavy.
1.) Furcal (S)
2.) DeRosa (R)
3.) Ramirez (R)
4.) Dunn (L)
5.) Soriano (R)
6.) Lee (R)
7.) Soto (R)
8.) Fukudome/Johnson (L/R)
gives you some good balance with a powerful bench in Fontenot, Hoffpauir, Theriot, Cedeno, Blanco.
Z, Peavy, Lily, Harden, Dempster w/ Marshall and Marquis as long-men/spot starters.
Granted that this will all never happen due to the ownership situation in a flux, but it is nice to think about.

Anonymous said...

cubs should move to a 6 man rotation next year in my opinion. Z, Harden and Dempster just didn't have anything left in the tank.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the sources, bud!!!

Anonymous said...

dude like always you are doing an awesome job with the rumors. i visit this site everyday! Just wanna say keep it up and thanks!!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I disagree anonymous, Cain for Lee, S.F. as a team was last in HR'S in all of baseball (94) Washington nationals where next to last (NL) and had 117. Also lot of their errors could be eliminated with Lee at first. And S.F. has 2 young stud pitchers in the minors. Palmer and Martinez. Since they are looking for Home run hitters. And better defense this trade makes sense for both teams. Cubs have Hoffpauir who is a great first baseman but less than average outfielder.
Everyone talks about signing Dempster and Wood. If the Cubs trade Lee they have an extra 13 mil. to spend. Why not sign Sabathia and Fuentes. Let the rumors keep coming.