Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jim Hendry to Get Extension Soon???

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune and Bruce Levine the Cubs are working on a 3 to 4 year contract for Jim Hendry. The Cubs recently declined to give the Mariners permission to interview Hendry which is a very good sign. Jim deserves the extension and I hope he is here for 3 to 4 more years!


Joe said...

I like your ideas acw... but more important than finding a spot on the field for Soriano is finding a spot for him in the line up. He hasnt pulled his weight in the lead off spot and needs to be moved down or shipped out.

The thing I disagree with is what seems like a lot of peoples love of Dunn on this blog. Yeah he has launched a couple dozen moon shots over the years vs us... but we've all see the ex Cub killer turned Cub act around here before (ie Jeff Blauser, Howard Johnson, etc). Besides, he strikes out way too much, has no avg, and no playoff experience. I would rather keep Soriano in LF if we cant deal him, sign Furcal (the reason he didnt sign with the Cubs was because Hendry wanted a 5 year deal. He got a three year deal with LA with similar annual money figuring he could cash in one more time in the FA market, which he will be doing so this offseason), and assuming we dont upgrade at 2B, platoon The Riot and Font while platooning DeRosa and Fuku in RF.

I dont see A Gonz comin back with Peavy, so we'll have to plug the 1B another way if we deal D Lee for Peavy.

Anonymous said...

Good job Cubs organization. Now we just need to get a leadoff hitter and a lefty slugger (Dunn) and we will be fine.


acw said...

yeah i know joe, Dunn is not exactly perfect, but he is the only corner outfield lefty slugger on the market. He would dramatically change our line-up's balance. he may strike out a lot, but he is consistent in all the major offensive categories (OBP, OPS, SLG, HR, RBI, BB, and SO). To your point, Soriano absolutely needs to bat in the 3rd or 5th hole. Get a lead-off hitter, love furcal but I think his chances of leaving LA are slim. He is our best choice for lead-off. I have to agree that Gonzo is not coming it was just a dream on my part, but it does look like acquiring Peavy is realistic.
So I'm setting the priorities as this:1.) Resign Woody and Demp to reasonable price tags. 2.) get that lead-off hitter, preferably a left or switch (please Furcal come here). 3.) lefty slugger (Dunn is a reasonable fit. 4.)Strengthen the rotation bc you can never have enough depth there (Peavy may be that man.