Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not major news

The cubs have declined to offer John Mabry offer arbitration- Reported by Rotoworld. This is not major news but it does mean the cubs are looking for more bench help.. If anyone thinks that Jim is going into the year without a backup first baseman there crazy, we seen what happened last year.. To me this is a sign of us signing Floyd to a one year deal because he can play first as well as outfield


Anonymous said...

i really hope ur right about floyd. a tip idians signed to RP's so the deal for demp looks unlikly now, so it looks like jennings is goin to be it

cubsfan82 said...

I just read that.. im still wondering if there's a mystery pitcher out there on the market?? one that is avaiable but theres not alot of talk... Jennings is not a bad pick up but i wouldnt give the world for him.. if your gonna do that than just sign to free agent pitchers.