Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harden May Get Dealt...

- According to Phil Rogers at the Chicago Tribune the deal that would send Harden to the Twins may go down on Monday. The Cubs are not in a must move Harden situation but the Twins have some good young talent the Cubs could use. The Twins are only 4.5 games out of first and could really use Harden so I say the move has a 60% chance of being completed.

- The has doubts that a deal could be completed by tomorrow stating the Twins wish to have a window to negotiate a long term deal with Harden. This is not a deal breaker though saying that if they lose Harden and offer him arbitaration they would get two draft picks if he signs with another team.

Time is running out so tomorrow should be interesting!

In other news......

* Soriano had an MRI on his knee and looks fine. He will get a shot and be out for a couple more games.

* Aram will not need off season shoulder surgery.

* The Cubs and Giants are still taking about a deal surrounding Heilman.

* Jeff Bakers X-rays on his hand came back negative.

* The Cubs have put 3 other players on waivers that were claimed then pulled back according to some Cub officials.

* Chone Figgins will be the Cubs top position player target for next season according to sources. They view him as an everyday player that will likely start at 2nd base or shortstop while leading off for them next season.

* The Cubs may release or trade Miles next season along with Bradley. The prefer to get an upgrade at 2nd base and like Jeff Baker in the middle infield backup role.

Til Next Time Cub Fans!


Joe said...

Unless the Twins offer at least three good prospects... I say the Cubs hang onto Harden. Its no easy feat... but the Cubs are 5.5 back in the Wild Card and will get two comp picks if they offer arbitration and Harden leaves... so at this point the Twins need to meet the Cubs demand... although I heard one report that they are also going after Brad Penny.

allan jb said...

Nothing like trading their best pitcher for prospects.That really sucks.
Figgins? Another Hendry brainstorm.So he's fast? Can he put the bat on the ball?

waldo7239117 said...

Figgins is batting .308 this year in 507 at bats with a .293 career batting average in 3477 at bats and has 40 stolen bases this year.