Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let The Off Season Rumors Begin....

Not even two days into September and the Cubs already have some off season rumors. Lets check them out.

- A lot of moves were made yesterday just none involving the Cubs but some that could benefit them. The Rays got Sean Rodriguez in the Kazmir trade and it look like they will go with Rodriguez, Bartlett, and Zobrist for 2010. This leaves out the more expensive Iwamura who has a 250K buyout in which the Rays might chose over his 4.25 million dollar option. The Cubs are looking for an everyday, defensive, speedy, high OBP, switch hitting or lefty for 2nd baseman for next season. Akinori fits the bill well. He has did really well this season especially after spending some time on the DL. He is hitting .309 with 1 homer, 18 RBI, and 8 stolen bases in just 162 plate appearances. He has played above average defense as well. He could be a more affordable option than Chone Figgins for the Cubs next season. Watch for his name to be linked to the Cubs all winter long.

- Hendry has not commented on re-signing Harden but may be open to the idea. It is very likely that the Cubs offer Harden arbitration if he in fact stays healthy through out September. That way they could just get Harden for one year if he excepts arbitration or if he signs elsewhere the the Cubs would get two draft picks for him. It is a win-win for the Cubs.

- Looks like the Cubs will offer John Grabow arbitration but do not expect Heilman or Gregg to get offers.

- September call-ups were today and the Cubs called up Micah Hoffpauir, Justin Berg, Andres Blanco, David Patton, Shark, Jeff Stevens, Caridad, and Scales. No Snyder or Gaub which is a shock to me.

- The Cubs have 4 out of 5 spots in the rotation already figured out for next season.


The Cubs are going to look at adding a nice lefty to the rotation or could go in house with Gruz Zo. Some pitchers they could target are Randy Johnson, Andy Pettitte, Randy Wolf, and even Jarrod Washburn.

Their first pick should be fixing there bullpen!

That is it for now Cub Fans.


Anonymous said...

Mentally tough hitters...that's the
real problem.

tim said...

I would like Iwamura also because he can play 3B, a good insurance policy if Aram goes down again. I don't think the cubs will move soriano, fukudome, or Z but may be able to move bradley. So they will probably looking for 1 SP, bullpen guys, a 2B, bench guy who can reliably backup aram, a RF, and a catcher that can swing the bat better than hill for insurance if soto does awful again.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

MLBTR has Garbow,Gregg and Harden all type A free agents. I would offer arbitration to all 3. I like all 3 but i would not use Gregg as a closer.

Anonymous said...

Just back up the truck!

Anonymous said...

so looking for basically everything we were last off season and the one before. Great.