Friday, September 04, 2009

Cubs Notes....

- The Cubs have acquired former 10th overall pick Thomas Diamond off of waivers from the Rangers. Diamond who had command issues since coming off Tommy John Surgery in 2007 but will look to rebound in a Cubs uniform. He has posted a 31-17 record with a 4.01 ERA in 5 minor leagues season. Diamond will will start in AAA Iowa.

- Heyman talked to 2 GMs and said the Cubs could deal Bradley. One said they would have to eat his entire contract. The other stated the Cubs would only have to take on half of it. I am going back and forth on if we should trade him. It is hard to trade away a guy who has put up good numbers besides this season and how are they going to get something good in return for him while replacing his .394 OBP???

- The Cubs will again try to acquire Teahen and a speedy leadoff guy. I would be happy with Teahen and Figgins!


Shivits said...

Have been wanting to pick up Teahen and Figgins for a couple years now. Be perfect for the Cubs. Teahen could play right and first. Figgins can play everywhere, ...especially when Aramis needs a day off. Personally, I want them AND Crawford in the off-season. Think of it, ...Teahen, Figgins, and Crawford! Pipe dream getting Crawford too but Figgins and Teahen is possible. If you can't afford or get Figgins, get Okinori Iwamura. He'll be a possible pickup now right? I agree though, ...they need bullpen help bad too. Well, we'll see what happens.

Joe said...

If the Cubs have to eat a lot of Bradley's salary its not worth it. Cubs fans need to be hatin on Soriano not Bradley. The Cubs did him a disfavor by anointing him the left sided savior. He is an excellent OBP guy who is perfect for the two hole or six or seven. People will point to the $10 mil salary but minus the ownership transition the Cubs should be spending money like the Yanks and Red Sox. Just a little wiser (ie Soriano, Miles vs O Hudson).

Tanner said...

GET ADAM DUNN! They passed on him last year, and they WONT do it again this offseason. Please trade away Soriano too! Just think of how much MONEY they would have!

allan jb said...

Bradley will be better next year.It's time to stop booing this guy.Nobody makes outs on purpose.
Our best hope is that Soriano just had an off year and will rebound,because nobody would take his contract off our hands.
They have to dump Miles and Gregg.
Not sure that Theriot should be our full time shortstop.Pick up a couple of arms for the BP, and that is about all we can hope for,

Tanner said...

Theriot not our SS? Why not? Who do you want? Jeter?

Tanner said...

Theriot not our SS? Why not? Who do you want? Jeter?

allan jb said...

I would like a REAL SS on the Cubs.Ryan is really a converted 2nd baseman,

ivorybanger15 said...

D-Lee said he thinks the Cubs can win next year with pretty much the same group as this year and I agree with him. In a perfect world:
for sure:
-Miles out, Figgins in (O-Dog, DeRo or Iwamura if not)
-Gregg out, high-quality late inning guy in (Valverde? am I dreaming?)
-keep Fox as 25th man
and maybe
-Fonty out, Teahen in and
-Heilman out, middle reliever in

I really can't think of what would greatly improve this team past that.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Theriot is better off being our 2B
man. He is not a good SS. I agree with Allan JB.