Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Offseason Talk..

- Kaplan said the Cubs will not re-sign Kevin Gregg in the off season which is not a surprise.

- Kaplan and Wittenmyer say that Bradley should and can be traded this off season. They said the Cubs will have to pay a portion of his contract but it is a move that has to be done. Especially after these comments he made. He is owed 21 million over the next two years.

- There is also talk that Harden may not be retained which is not a surprise either. He is a very fragile pitcher much like Mark Prior and the Cubs do not need to lock up major money in a player like that. They already have Soriano and Z for that. There is talk that Harden will get a 20-60 million dollar contract next season. I rather go with a serviceable inning eating back of the rotation pitcher or with youth before Harden. I would still offer him arbitration though.


waldo7239117 said...

I wrote if the Cubs should resign Rich Harden on my blog:

That is waht i think they should do:

Anonymous said...

Id give bradley another shot and ditch soriano for abpsolutely nothing. Also id try to Move Fukudome while he will bring some value back cuz hes one of the top 5 fielding center fielders in the NL

Fuld (CF)
Theriot (SS)
Lee (1B)
Dunn (LF)
Ramirez (3B)
Bradley (RF)
Baker (2B)
Soto (C)

Fontenot (Bench)
Fox (Bench)
Johnson (Bench)
Blanco (Bench)
Hill ? (Bench)


Marmol, Marshall, Grabow, Guzman, and a bunch of question marks. They are going to have to add a few pieces through free agency. What about Bobby Jenks?

Tanner said...

I think they should look at Latroy Hawkins. He has a great ERA and hes pretty dependable. As for Soriano, they should move him, but they wont. We all know how the Cubs are ran, and they wont trade him. I would love to see Dunn in the lineup, but would the cubs really have Bradley and Dunn in the same lineup, even more could the Cubs fans handle it? I think they need to go after Orlando Hudson, and have Baker or Fontenot as the back up.

Anybody agree?


Brad said...

LATROY HAWKINS!!! are you kidding me!! do you not remember a few years ago when he was god awful for us? We need a real closer not Latroy "I suck at life" Hawkins

Anonymous said...

The Cubs should trade Harden for some high level prospects. He is too much of a risk for the money he will command. In the offseason hopefully Cliff Lee opts out of his deal (as he was traded during a multi-year contract). Cliff Lee is a better pitcher than Rich Harden and is much more durable.