Saturday, January 19, 2008

Convention Reports and Rumors.

The Convention started off well in Chicago starting with the rumor that the Cubs maybe done with the Roberts trade idea and moving to help out the outfield by adding a right handed hitter to platoon with Pie in CF and fill in at LF and RF next year. Though they wouldn't discuss who, Marlon Byrd is a definite possibility. Byrd had a nice year last year batting 307 with 10 homers in 70 rbi. He would be a decent fit for a platoon in CF.

Lou also discussed Soriano leading off. Lou said "I would say he'll be leading off, if something unforeseen happens as far as a trade or something, it could change that. But outside of that, no. The way our team is put together, he'll be leading off."

Soriano has no problem batting 5th in the lineup. "Two years ago I made the adjustment to play from second to left," Soriano said. "If I have to make an adjustment from batting first to batting fifth, I'll make the adjustment.

"The first at-bat is the only one I lead off," Sori added. "In the third inning, I'm batting sometimes with two outs, sometimes with the bases loaded. I think it's only the first at-bat that matters. After that it's just a regular at-bat."

Lou also added that Dempster will in fact go from the closing role to the staring role next year and it will be a difficult transition for Dempster. Dempster feels that he will do a good job at it. Lets hope he does!

As for right now it looks like Fukudome will be hitting 2nd in the lineup. If the Cubs don't add a speedy guy before Opening Day Fukudome will be a good fit in the 2 spot because of his high avg., high OBP, and his ability to take pitches. If the Cubs do acquire a speedy number 2 hitter then look for him to bat 4th in the lineup to split up Lee and Aram.

Other notes-

- Lou feels Cedeno will become the other super utility player on the Cubs roster. He wants Cedeno to play infield and outfield next year. He does have a lot of athletic ability so I can see him doing well in this role.

- Ted Lilly will start on Opening Day instead of Z. It was Zambrano's decision because he is winless in the last 3 opening day starts. So Lilly will be your Opening Day starter.


Anonymous said...

Baseball prospectus listed cubs top 11 this week. Soto and Veal were rated 5 stars. No cubs rated 4 stars. 8 cubs were rated 3 stars p-Veal, p-Ceda, c-Donaldson, p-gallagher, of-Colvin, 2b/of-Patterson, c-Castillo, 2b-Thomas, and p-Samardzija got 2 stars. Nick I

Joe said...

Lilly as Opening Day starter might also help in one other way... breakin up him and Hill with Z in the middle... instead of Z, him, Hill if you went strictly on "ranking".

Anonymous said...

I messed up it was Vitters who got 5 stars not Veal. Nick I