Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will the Roberts trade ever go away??

According to baseball reporter Phil Rogers the Cubs and Mariners are both still in talks with the O's. He expects the Roberts and Bedard to be traded within the next two weeks.( We have been hearing that for months). The O's want Colvin and Pie, Rogers says if the Cubs do move one of those guys they would want Bedard too! I honestly would give up Colvin and Pie along with Marshall, Gallagher, and Cedeno for Bedard and Roberts. That would really boast the lineup and rotation up. Then you could just sign Lofton as a stop gap for CF. But there is no way I would give up Hill in a deal for Bedard and Roberts. He is too valuable! He also stats the Cubs may just pass on Roberts, which we have heard recently because of the high asking price. Either way it would be nice to see Hendry and the O's to make a decision soon!


Anonymous said...

You seem to have a bit of man crush on Kenny Lofton. Maybe Kenny Lofton would be a good pickup in July if the Cubs are in contention. However if we acquire both Bedard and Roberts for a package centering around Colvin and Pie then DeRosa would probably slide into right field. Fukodome could then play CF. You also have Sam Fuld and Murton who could be your backup outfielders. Maybe focus the energy on a utility infielder that can replace Cedeno.

Anonymous said...

I here you this rumour just needs to be taken to the barn with the rest of them. i don't see anymore moves until spring training. Sal E.

Anonymous said...

If the Roberts deal is dead, then Marshall for Spilborghs may happen. Colorado keep saying they are looking for a left handed starter. Against lefty's last year b.a 356 o.b.p. 426. He could platoon with Pie in center. Nick I

Anonymous said...

What's the news on Blanton from A's getting traded to Cubs? Maybe we need too focus on pitching if we can't get the Roberts deal to happen.

Anonymous said...

A Cubs Haiku:

Cub fans yearn for Spring

Trades made and deals sealed with ink

A flag raised high awaits