Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roberts trade talks are dead.

According to Bruce Levine the trade talks for Brian Roberts are dead. The O's waned Hill, Pie, and Marmol in a deal for Roberts( which is unreal). So Jim has broken off talks with the O's. This could just be a ploy to slow down the rumors so they can get a deal done or it could be true. You never know! I don't see why they wouldn't take Marshall, Gallgaher, and Cedeno for Roberts. That seems fair on both sides. If the O's were in a rebuilding mode than they should take that deal and run with it instead of high balling us. Good luck O's on the rebuilding, your not going to get more than what we offered from any other club!

Bruce Levine also said that Jim is looking at Marlon Byrd from Texas as a platoon partner for Pie in CF next season. He also can play all three outfield positions and would spell Fukudome and Soriano time to time. Byrd is pretty decent, last year he hit .310 with 10 homers, 70 RBI, and 5 SB in 414 AB. He posted an OBP of .355. He had an career year last year compared to the two years before in Washington. But of course in 06 and 07 he had a combined 413 AB so that might have something to do with it. He also had a .987 fielding percentage which is comparable to Kenny Lofton and J. Jones. So he is pretty decent defensively. It wouldn't be the worst pick up in the world but the Cubs could do better. Id like to see them push for Figgins or sign Lofton. How about Randy Winn? The Giants need to get younger, I think we could match up well in a trade.

Here is a link to his stats-

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Anonymous said...

Derosa can play second no need to give up the farm for Roberts. I would give up the farm for Bedard and Roberts. Also Byrd against lefty's has a b.a. of 327 o.b.p. of 374. Pie's biggest trouble is hitting lefty's. And i would play Cedano at short. Patterson can play second if they feel they need another left handed bat. I feel this team could use one good starter more than anything else. Remember we will have Soto and Fukudome for a full year. Nick I