Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Roberts to Cubs True? False? True? False?

UPDATE, 1-9-08 at 7:07pm: I am hearing from my emailer and other sources that a deal is getting close and could be finalized by the weekend at the latest. Jim has said Hill and Pie are off limits, so don't look for them to be in the deal. It is believed to be now Marshall, Gallagher, Colvin and Veal for Roberts. Seems like a lot for Roberts but if it means not giving up Pie or Hill I am OK with it.

WOW! What a day for Roberts rumors! Thanks to MLBTR-

UPDATE, 1-9-08 at 6:06pm: WGN Radio's Dave Kaplan checked in on this situation on his blog. He has "great sources" saying the price for Roberts is much higher than was previously reported. The Orioles want Rich Hill, Felix Pie, or Tyler Colvin. Hill is known to be off-limits.

UPDATE, 1-9-08 at 10:58am: Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune believes this deal "is almost certainly going to happen." He expects it to be for the same players Orioles Hangout mentioned. However, an Orioles official contacted Orioles Hangout to tell them their report was inaccurate.

UPDATE, 1-9-08 at 9:22am: Roch Kubatko (via a team spokesman) and Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun talked to Andy MacPhail and report that nothing has changed since last night on the Roberts talks and no deal is done.
FROM 1-9-08 at 7:53am:

Orioles Hangout is reporting that the trade of Brian Roberts to the Cubs is final. They're saying it's for Sean Gallagher, Sean Marshall, and Ronny Cedeno. I'll update the post as info comes along.

There is no way the Cubs will give up those three for Roberts. The O's may want Pie, Hill, and Colvin but they wont get all three. I can see the Cubs giving up Pie and Colvin but not Hill. I would not even think they would give up Pie and Colvin but one or the other. I can see a deal that involves Cedeno, Colvin, and Gallagher or Veal for him but not the our two top CF prospects.


Anonymous said...

If that is the price that it is going to take to get Roberts, than I say that we forget about him and move onto someone else.

Anonymous said...

No way I do this deal. 3 of our top pitching prospects (Gallagher, Veal and Marshall) and one of our top position prospects (Colvin). Absolutely not. I like Roberts a lot, but no more than Gallagher, Marshall, Cedeno and Murton. That's even a steal for the O's.

Joe said...

I am ok with the Trib rumored deal of Cedeno, Marshall, and Gallagher.

I say no deal if the last update is true... Marshall, Gallagher, Colvin, and Veal. That is just one prospect too many. If its going to start getting that deep... might as well start discussing what one or two other prospects it might take to include Bedard in the deal.

Anonymous said...

I think once seattle trades for Bedard they will get the outfielder they are looking for.[Adam Jones} then the cubs will give up Cedeno and 2 pitchers. Baltimore is looking for a stopper and starters. Nick I

Anonymous said...

Colvin, Veal, Marshall and Gallagher is way too much for if this were for Brandon Phillips it might be a little easier to stomach

Joe said...

Brandon Phillips??? Hes a good player... but I dont think he would be ranked higher than Roberts.