Thursday, January 10, 2008

Melky Cabrera to Cubs??

According to the Cubs may be a suitor for Cabrera along with Reds, Royals, Pirates, and Braves. If the Cubs get Melky he would improve the defense in the outfield and add speed. He is a good switch hitter with plenty of pop in his bat. In 286 games in the Major Leagues he hit .275 with a .340 OBP ,15 homers and 123 RBI. The deal would likely cost the Cubs some prospects that includes Pie or Colvin and some pitching prospects like Veal, Gallagher, Marshall, or maybe Hart. I think Colvin, Veal, and Marshall could get Melky. He would fit nicely as a #2 hitter. It will be interesting if anything comes of this rumor.


Joe said...

I would prefer Roberts.

We would be ok with Pie in CF assuming we are solid everywhere else in the line up. I would prefer to see Roberts at 2B and in the two hole with Pie 8th.

DeRosa sub in 5 times a week.

Anonymous said...

Last year 545 ab's he had 8 hr's thats not what I call a power hitter. He also had 13 sb's and got caught 5 times thats not my idea of a speedster. I would like Roberts a lot better as a leadoff batter. Pie will be O.K. this time. Nick I