Friday, January 11, 2008

Cameron signs with Brewers, Cubs to move on to Lofton, Figgins, or Melky Cabrera.

With the Brewers inking Cameron to a one year deal it seems the Cubs might just go with Pie in CF next season. It is also a possibility that they try to land free agent Kenny Lofton or trade for Chone Figgins or Melky Cabrera. The Cubs flirted with the idea of having a Cameron and Pie platoon in Center but that wont happen next year. If they signed Lofton he could be used as platoon even though he is left handed or take the full time reigns if Pie doesn't prove he is ready in Spring Training. They could revisit trade talks with the Angels about Chone Figgins. They had interest at the Winter Meetings but they want to find a replacement for him at 3b and they asked for Aram( will not happen!). Maybe a three way trade with the White Sox could get him? Just an idea. Melky is the other player recently linked to the Cubs. He had an OK year last year and wont cost much. Maybe a pitcher like Marshall and 2 low level minor leaguers or Veal. It is more likely that the Cubs will trade for Roberts and stick it out with Pie or Fuld or a combination of both in CF next season, but it is nice to know the Cubs have other options.

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Joe said...

Hasnt been rumored anywhere, at least not that I remember, but what about Bill Hall? RH CF that can platoon with Pie and also play some 3B.

Of course Brewers probably wont trade within the division, but word is they are lookin to deal him now that they have Cameron.

Just a thought.