Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cubs still like Roberts.

Here is some tidbits from MLBTR-

Ken Rosenthal is back with a bang, penning a new article about Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts trade possibilities. We already updated you on the Bedard situation over yonder.

Rosenthal says the Cubs are still the best fit for Roberts, also noting interest from the Mets and Indians. Last we heard, the Cubs' offer included Sean Gallagher and Matt Murton but not Rich Hill or Felix Pie. Ronny Cedeno, Sean Marshall, and Donnie Veal could also be in the mix.
Interesting to hear that the Tribe is quietly taking a look at both Roberts and Bedard, just as they were quietly players for Dan Haren.

Bedard could fill the void if C.C. Sabathia were to leave via free agency. What would a Roberts acquisition mean? Asdrubal Cabrera to short, Jhonny Peralta to third or traded?

I really don't see what the hold up is on the deal for Roberts unless there insisting on Pie( which will never happen unless they include Bedard). A fair trade seems to be Marshall, Cedeno, and Veal for Roberts but I am not a GM.

If the Indians do get Roberts, I wonder if the Cubs would see if they can get Peralta from the Indians?? He would look good in a Cubs uniform.

Here is his stats-