Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Levine Speaks and is Everyone Getting Traded?

First Bruce Levine had is chat yesterday so lets check in-
  • The only way the Cubs playoff chances exist is if the continue to win and keep Dempster and Garza.
  • Levine believes Garza, Hamels, Dempster, and Greinke will be traded before the deadline. I think Hamels and Greinke stay put.
  • Vitters would be a nice trade chip if they acquired a 3rd baseman via trade.
  • Levine feels the Cubs may not get a better prospect than Baez in a Dempster deal.
  • The Cubs can get two good pitching prospects for Dempster though.
  • Castellanos will likely not be in a deal for Dempster but Garza maybe.
  • The Cubs want three top prospects for Garza and will be in the ML in 2-3 years.
  • Cubs are not going to trade for Greinke or Hamels. DUH
  • Cubs are not trying to trade Barney but will listen to offers.
  • Cubs are not in on Upton.
  • Cubs are not sure the Vitters is the future at 3rd.
  • Levine says it is doubtful Vitters, Jackson, and Lake get the call up the 2nd half of the season. But out of the group Vitters is the closest. I think if LaHair, Soriano, or DeJesus is traded you will see Jackson get the call. I also think if Barney is traded you could see Vitters get a call. Very unlikely on Lake.
  • Baez is ahead of Soler at this point but that can change when he gets assigned to possible Peoria.
  • Cubs do not have the prospects to land Justin Upton.
Other News, Rumors, and Notes-
  • Olney says the Tigers are the most active when it comes to adding pitching.
  • Reports are the Tigers would trade Turner, Brantly, Rondon, and Crosby but not Castellanos.
  • The Sun-Times says Dempster will be traded before his start on Friday.
  • The Tigers and Braves sound the new front runners for Ryan Dempster because the Braves maybe willing to offer Juilo Teheran for him.
  • The Braves also have interest in Matt Garza.
  • Other names that have been leaked from the Braves organization that could be dealt are Andrelton Simmons, Zeke Spruill, Christian Bethancourt, and Arodys Vizcanio.
  • I would love if the Cubs could land Arodys Vizcanio and Christian Bethancourt for Dempster but that is asking for a lot.
  • Cubs can get a draft pick in a trade according to BleacherNation.
  • The Nationals like Dempster but not his asking price.
  • The Nationals also like Maholm because he is cheaper than Dempster and could be a nice innings eater for them.
  • The Rangers would love to add Matt Garza to their rotation according to USA today.
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