Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cubs like Johnson??? More on Peavy, Hendry, and RF.

-Paul Sullivan says the Randy Johnson's agent said the Cubs would be on the "short list" of teams he would consider. Randy's agent said hit client "would seem to be a perfect fit" for the Cubs. I tend to agree with that. He is still a dominate pitcher when he is on his game. Has a hard nosed attitude (some would say he is a prick) and is familiar with Sweet Lou. He would add another lefty to the rotation and has been good in the NL. He has posted a sub 4.00 ERA the past two seasons. Sullivan also said that he spoke to a Cub sources that said they would be interested in Johnson if they can't add Peavy and keep Dempster.

- The Braves have moved on from Jake Peavy. This is good news for the Cubs because they still have interest in the Cy Young Award winner. Chicago remains Peavy's preferred destination but the Padres would like to explore other teams like the Angels and Yankees( which Peavy would likely reject a trade to). In the end i think he ends up a Cub with a package that includes Vitters, Castillo, Marshall, and others heading to San Diego.

- The Tribune says the chances of Dempster re-signing are getting smaller by the day with the chances of a trade for Jake Peavy increasing. If the Cubs do not sign Dempster the money they save from letting him walk could be used to sign someone like Abreu or Ibanez. Makes sense but I rather have Dunn or Abreu. Not a big Raul fan,

- Jim said on ESPN 1000 that he would like to "get the pitching lined up before the Winter Meetings" I like the sound of that.


john d des moines ia said...

congrats on having a baby"s the best thing in the world

Anonymous said...

I say "why not" to Johnson. Jimbo