Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Rumors from Levine and Other Media Outlets.

Some good chatter from Levine-

- Levine said Kerry Wood could land on the Cards. UGHHHH!

- Carmen DeFalco mentioned how good a fit Abreu would be in RF at Wrigley but wonders if he will command too much. He made 16 million last season.

- Bruce named a new possibility for RF next season. He said Mark Teahen is a name that keeps coming up for the Cubs. He is a very versatile player that can play 1st, 3b, and all three outfield spots. He has decent power and is an above average fielder. The Cubs think his best years are yet to come and I tend to agree with that.

- Bruce Levine said Henry Blanco will not be back next season for the Cubs. This contradicts comments made from Geo. It is really too bad, although I expect Koyie Hill to be Hank's replacement.

- Bruce said Peavy and/or Dempster is plan A, Johnson is plan B, and Ben Sheets is plan C. Sheet is looking for a 3 year deal that could be up to 10-13 million a year while Johnson is looking for a one year deal worth about 6 million. I say get Peavy/Dempster/Sheets and Johnson and you have a good rotation.

- The Cubs have a 4 year deal worth 52 million on the table for Ryan Dempster but Dempster's agent is looking for a 5 year deal which the Cubs will not give him. Levine also said that the Cubs deal would "not be there much longer than another week."

- Levine indicated that CC Sabathia told a current member of the Cubs that he wants to either play for the Cubs or a West Coast team. The Cubs do not have room in their budget to sign Sabathia. Too bad!


Joe said...

The dragged out sale is going to kill the Cubs chances in 09. We are losing Wood strictly cause of money and FAs like CC have the Cubs on the short list. Frickin Zell. Frickin MLB for not letting Cuban buy the team. You know Cuban would spend the money.

Congrats on the baby boy.

Mr. Cub15 said...

I don't know about Teahen beacuse people keep sayin he is going to break out soon, any possibility on Adam Dunn or Milton Bradley?

Anonymous said...

Now you know how the marlins and all the small market teams feel. No money = can't sign good players.

Anonymous said...

I agree Teahen is a good prospect they should be considering bringing aboard. Jimbo